Books, Food, Music, Art: The Alipore Post Goes Offline In Bangalore This Weekend

From small things, big things come. A weekly can develop into a community and an idea can develop into an event that invites you to a celebration of poetry, music and much, much more.

Such is the story, and such is the prowess of Rohini Kejriwal.

Rohini began The Alipore Post as a simple newsletter that curated art and poetry. It grew on to become a virtual space that is now admired by a group of 7,000 people on Facebook. Building upon the same is the Alipore Post Offline, a weekend long celebration that brings together the curated works of art, food and everything beautiful that comes to your mind.

The Alipore Post



There is a lot you can expect from the event. It is being hosted at The Courtyard House, Bangalore. There is an art gallery in collaboration with Art&Found and tons of music – there are DJ sets, there are acoustic sets.

And oh, there is a PoeTree corner- and with Poetry slams happening in this very corner- it’s not very easy to ignore.

What else? Goobe’s Book Republic is all set to tease the book lovers inside us all, and we’re not complaining. In line are the likes of Jai Ranjit and Gunjan Saraf, all set to tickle our creative monsters.

And there’s food. We are going to make only a very slight mention of Lokesh who makes the best Vada Pav in all of Bangalore. The rest, as they say, lies in the taste itself.



There’s a lot more to the event, and oh, are we excited? We are going to divulge a secret in the most subtle way we can manage, but let’s just say that your canines are more than welcome to grace the occasion. And well, if that isn’t temptation, we don’t know what is.

Follow them here. Oh, and mark your presence here.

If you want to read more about curation and how Rohini does it, you can read this guest post she did with a while back.

All Images courtesy of The Alipore Post 

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