5 Creative Startups That Take Environmental Sustainability To The Next Level


In the age of the growing market of technological advancements and startups, one has to look out for and be conscious about the deteriorating state of the earth. Keeping that in mind, there have been several startups which have taken the initiative of making sure their startups also keep in mind the protection of resources and environmental sustainability while also having an idea worth pitching for.

Here are some green startups that have made an impact from all around the world!

1. Nuru Energy 



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Nuru Energy, a clean-tech company founded in 2008, and operating out of India and East Africa, is one of the most interesting startups in the energy space in India. Nuru Energy aims to help solve the global problem of energy poverty, which currently affects over 2 billion people worldwide.

The problem of power provision and consumption is one that this startup attempts to counter.  In this effort, they’ve developed a simple yet robust off-grid recharging platform, called the the Nuru POWERCycle pedal generator, which provides clean and sustainable power which can be used to recharge mobile phones and Nuru’s own portable modular LED lights quickly and efficiently. Nuru is one of the  primary emerging and sustainable startups operating in the energy sector.

2. Sarga 


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Sarga is involved in creating eco-friendly fabrics and furnishings. It uses organically developed or naturally available fibers like organic cotton, bamboo, lyocell, modal, flax and jute. Fibres at Sarga are organically grown or are naturally available, and most are also certified organic. Products used for processing are chosen carefully to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used, and all prints, dyes, threads and consumables are free from chemicals and harmful substances.

While Sarga started off as an eco-friendly furnishing company, it is now planning to move into the apparel segment. Interestingly, it also sees a sizeable demand for industrial application of fibers also known as ‘technical textile’ be used in jets, wind turbines, car bumpers, car panels etc., and is exploring options with General Electric and National Aerospace Laboratories at the moment.

3. WISErg

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Image Courtesy: Wiserg 

WISErg describes itself as a ‘hybrid technology company combining bio-, clean-, and high-tech systems to create a revolutionary solution for managing urban-generated organics.”  Traditional approaches to managing food waste — landfilling, commercial composting, and anaerobic digestion – are wasteful and environmentally unfriendly.

Though some solutions effectively divert food from landfills, they still waste the valuable nutrients available in that discarded food. And in the process, these methods create odor, greenhouse gas emissions, runoff, and pests. The Harvester is a machine that transforms food waste into high-quality fertilizer before it becomes waste. The food matter becomes a sort of high nutrient liquid that can be converted to organic lawn care product.

WISErg uses patented technology to harvest nutrients from food scraps before refining them into liquid fertilizer approved for use on certified organic crop production. Launched commercially in 2014, the company achieved early success. WISErg’s initiative to utilize every aspect of human waste which would have otherwise been pure waste, into producing manure and fertilizer to enhance crops, thus keeping environmental sustainability at the heart of what they do.

4. Solarkiosk



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Solarkiosk  a Berlin-based social enterprise has provided solar-powered autonomous business hubs to off-the-grid communities since 2011. By 2014, Solarkiosk established six subsidiaries in different countries across Africa and Asia. Rural communities now have access to sustainable energy, refrigeration, water purification, charging, communication, technology, information and business opportunities previously unheard of.

This bottom of the pyramid approach enables and empowers local kiosk owners with green technology. It is a solar-powered autonomous business hub and utilizes solar power to provide rural off-grid communities with sustainable energy and energy-related products and services such as battery charging, communication, refrigeration, and an unprecedented access to technology and information.

5. MowGreen.US


Image Courtesy: Vtiger

MowGreen.US, is a gas-free lawn care startup, launched out of Connecticut, USA, by a local team of advocates for alternative energy and environmental awareness. By replacing gas mowers with push mowers, such as the innovative proprietary “Reel2Reel” design, households can save the environment from 10,000 auto miles or more per year (the equivalent of one car on the road).

The startup offers an array of products and services from lawn mowing to aeration, clean up and soil optimization, leading the movement for grassroots green-oriented businesses.  MowGreen is one of the leading advocates of a green startup that ensures that alternate energy and conservation which can be utilized in various household utilities,starting with lawn products and then expanding into other arenas of fossil fuel conservation and sustainability.

While the prospects of creating products and solutions, as well as new arenas of development under the umbrella of startups are multiple, what these startups seek to show ultimately are that when it comes to conservation and sustainability of the earth’s resources, the possibilities are endless. In this day and age when conservation and saving the earth are primary causes for concern as well as a solution, it is vastly important to recognize the need to incorporate.

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