8 Indian Indie Musicians Whose Sounds Your Ears Deserve


Music is pretty much like travelling and going places in that it flushes you back to your past and makes you travel ahead of your present. Each song is a new set of feelings and a new place to be. When it comes to India, most of the music that we are familiar with is what Bollywood feeds us with. Well, there lies this- fairy-lighted, starry-skied, soothe-filled (as the soft drizzle), i.e. heavenly underworld undiscovered by many. The independent music industry is producing amazing music which needs recognition.  Here are our top picks of Indian indie musicians you need to lend your ear to!

1. Prateek Kuhad

He is a Delhi-based, bilingual singer-songwriter. His music is fun, classy, soothing and would be the perfect soundtrack to your “Let’s sit on the rooftop at two a.m. and talk about life” moods. His debut album In Tokens and Charms was recently picked as the Indian Indie Album of the Year by iTunes.
Tracks that you can start with: Tune Kaha, Oh Love, Raat Raazi, Go, 100 Words.

Stay in touch with him through his YouTube channel and Facebook page or by his webpage.


Image courtesy Prateek Kuhad


2. Adil and Vasundhra

Their songs are a mix of French and English. Their each song is a blend of a soulful (x2) voice with tinges of a beautiful jazz melodies. Their genre fits with Funk, R&B, Blues, Gospel and Jazz Fusion. After listening to them you’d probably feel the need to check and cross check if this kind of talent really belongs to India. And I am sure you are going to regret not knowing them before today.

Tracks you can start with: Yesterday, Moody’s Mood For Love, Hymn to Love are some of the covers they performed together.
Look at Adil and Vasundhra‘s Facebook pages and YouTube channel for more hymns.


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3. Menwhopause

A Delhi-based band of four members, it describes its genre as post-office rock.  Mostly ‘easy listening’ music, it has those cold fun vibes to it. The raw, husky voice with contemporary rock music is something really different from whatever you might have had in your playlist so far. The novelty in the music makes it stand out in the music field.
Tracks you can start with: Easy (you should watch the video too), Sweet Despair, Circles.
Check out their Youtube channel and Facebook page for more.


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4. Sky Rabbit

If your genre is anything close to electronic, post-punk or rock, you should give them a try. They blend all these genres so well and again you’ll get some really nice, contemporary vibes from them. Listen to them even if you are not a rock fan. Their songs fit with a car ride on a monsoon day – when all things are sound and at peace.
Tracks you can start with: In Dance, I Become I, March.

Hop on to their Facebook page for their tracks and more at their Youtube channel.


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5. Your Chin

You’ll fall in love with the sometimes-contradicting vibes of soothe and sad from his music. His music touches the pop, indie, alternative genres. Raxit Tiwari, a.k.a. Your Chin, beautifully blends urban lyrics with electro pop music (Do you smell freshness?! Ah yes, that too Indian!). Look at Sky Rabbit’s picture above again, the first man from left? Yes, that’s the same man as this.

Tracks you can start with: Your Chin, Run Along Little One, Fighting the Sumo.
Check out his Youtube channel for more.


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6. Advaita

Advaita is an eclectic fusion band from New Delhi whose music is a combination of various forms and genres. Their songs have everything from a guitar to tabla to a sarangi and Hindustani vocals to keyboard and drums. The result is… real good music.

Tracks you can start with: Why, Gates of Dawn, So Lost.

Here’s Advaita’s Facebook page to keep you updated.


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7. Them Clones

Inspired by Rock n’ Roll, this alternative rock group is based in Delhi. Their blend of alternative and rock is beautiful. It will be a treat for you no matter which genre you prefer. Don’t trust the length of this description, really. It might be one of the best Indian Rock bands.
Tracks you can start with: Zephyretta, All About A Heartbreak, Wait For Me.

Their YouTube Channel is ThemClones.


Image Courtesy

8. Nicholsontunes

This the one of the best live electronic music projects in India. You’ll hardly believe this talent breathes the same air as you (Yes, they breathe the same carbonated Indian air!). Their music is inspired by many genres and is not restricted to any one. The music soothingly grows on you as their voice blends with the music. It’s dope!
Tracks you can start with: For What, For What II, Cold Water.

Here are their youtube channel and Facebook page to help you keep updated.


Image Courtesy Nicholsontunes

The independent music industry in India is brimming with fresh, novel music and genres. Just because they don’t fit in Bollywood scores shouldn’t make them invisible.

This is real music that needs appreciation and love. Let’s spread some!

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