German Artist Shows You What Drawings In Space Look Like

German artist Janusz Grunspek’s work evokes the thought that wooden dovels, glue and a little bit of vision can turn everyday objects into things of beauty. Aptly-titled Zeichnungen im Raum (Drawings in Space), the series showcases a MacBook, a candle chandelier, a violin and even whole pieces of furniture crafted entirely out of wooden pieces cut and bent into shape. By creating impeccably precise wireframe replicas, the artist explores the form and composition of everyday objects and brings out structural nuances that the naked eye fails to see.

We here at The Yellow Sparrow were indelibly mesmerized by the creative prowess of Janusz Grunspek and decided to put together a little gallery of our favorite works from the series. So without further ado, here’s to looking out of the box by using the simplest of measures.

The full series by the artist can be viewed on Janusz Grunspek’s website.

 Drawings in Space 3
Drawings in Space 4
Drawings in Space 5
Drawings in Space 6
Drawings in Space 7
Drawings in Space 1
Image courtesy: Janusz Grunspek

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