When Feet Tell Stories: Foot Footie Boy

“Just like the apple fell on Newton’s head, Foot Footie Boy happened to me. I mean, it literally just happened. One day, I was just sitting, looking at the pictures I had clicked. One amongst those was a picture of my feet. While I was editing the picture on my phone, I had an idea. I quickly made a sketch over the picture. And there it was!”

Uttam Sinha, the man behind the Foot Footie Boy creations, calls himself an aspiring artist. After graduating from College of Art in New Delhi, Uttam joined the advertising industry where he worked for four years. Now, he works on his own and likes to document stories, but a little differently.


Foot Footie Boy features “Small shoe stories”, as the creator calls them, with a little twist. The creative illustrations have been reaching the masses through the medium of a Facebook page. When asked about the idea behind this concept, Uttam replies, “Foot Footie Boy is an illustrative blog revolving around me, my bizarre quirks and weird imaginations I’ve had since childhood. And then of course, there are friends, acquaintances, people I meet, places that flood me with memories – the list is endless. Through this blog I’m neither trying to spread any social message nor communicating any intellectual ideas or fancies. Fun is the perfect word to describe it.”

The response has been great. People have been generously showing their love and that’s what keeps Uttam Sinha’s work going. “Foot Footie Boy satiates my creative thirst. Thanks to technology, artists today can express through various mediums,” he says. Calling the creations ‘a view of the world through his eyes’, he hopes that he’s able to create more unique and artistic pieces for his followers in days to come.


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