Our Picks Of The Most Unique Antique Stores In Delhi For All Your Historical Decor Needs


Looking for gems to decorate your house with? You have come to the right place for inspiration.

Delhi, being historically-rich, possesses many of the finest antique shops. Done with finesse and beauty, you can buy some of the most exotic and timeless pieces sourced from all over India. We have picked 5 of the most creative antique stores which you can visit any time, to make your house timeless and receive the appreciation that it deserves!

If you buy stuff you love regardless of era and price, your home will be true reflection of you.  -Sarah Norwood

So check out below the alluring antique stores in Delhi we have picked out for you!

1. The Carpet Cellar

Specialist gallery for the finest woven treasures, The Carpet Gallery was created by India’s most respected curator, Sheel Chandra. A Mecca for certified antique carpets, this gallery has perfectly executed recreations, modern designs, as well as kilims, durries, shawls and textiles. Appealing to a wide range is tastes, the selection illuminates culture of areas from Tibet, Middle East, and South and Central Asia. A rare representation of the art of oriental weaving at its best, The Carpet Cellar is the largest of its kind in India!

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Image Courtesy: The Carpet Cellar

2. Second Floor Studio


Image Courtesy : Second Floor Studio

Started out on the second floor, thus resulting in the name, Second Floor Studio is a concept store. A result of Punit Jasuja‘s commendable curatorial skills, the store houses an eclectic collection of home decor.  From hand-painted jars and Olivia Dar’s headbands and collars, to vintage French cutlery and glasses, Second Floor Studio’s collection is kitsch and imaginative. Persian Rugs and wallpaper from New York are also make a part of this unique collection. A melange of interesting home decor objects, this store is to check out for if you are looking around for random home decor items check out this store.

Image Courtesy: Second Floor Studio

3. Old Channel


Image Courtesy : Cloudinery

The Old Channel has a large inventory of marvellous European antiques and old colonial furniture which includes bookcases, dining tables, and lots more! It’s one of the most well-known antique stores in Delhi since 1990’s, famous for its collection of old European artefacts and Colonial furniture accumulated over the years from private collections found in some of the finest homes from all over India. Their broad range of stylish and tasteful European pieces are a must have for any connoisseur of European art. To add to its fancy are the unique stories that belong to many of the items found here.

4. Country Collection


Image courtesy: Country collection

Country Collection has hand picked and the finest pieces which represent the art, heritage, history & cultures from India and neighboring countries. Each piece represents the rich art forms & antiques made ages ago. Country Collection, is a chain of premium stores serving the home decor aspirations of antique collectors. Offering personalized service to help high net worth individuals, this store works alongside various renowned interior designers to help fill gaps for home furnishing needs of patrons and to add a touch of class.

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Image courtesy: Travel and leisure

5.  Indian Arts Palace

A family heritage for over 150 years, this store has a collection of unique and rare pieces of exquisite Indian craftsmanship. Established by Late Shri Surajlal Ji Backliwal with already two generations of experience behind him, Indian Arts Palace is one of the oldest art dealers in the country. Currently run by the 4th and 5th Generations of the family, they continue this long tradition of the ancestral firm as one of the most respected dealers of antique objects.

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Image Courtesy: Indian Art Palace

Are there any other antique stores in Delhi that need to be on this list? Let us know!

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