Julia Sinelnikova Describes Fairies In Her Own Artistic Way

Artist and curator working in New York, Julia Sinelnikova in her latest installation ‘Black Fairy Egg Nest’ has created a secret den from where winged creatures could emerge any moment. The primary piece hovers overhead as a nest of hand cut resin light sculptures dripping into the exhibition space. A pregnant mass leaks thin glowing strands and dark stones dangle towards the ground below. The eerie light along with the candles and stones gives a feel of a ritual site. Sinelnikova points out in a statement that fairies can be represented as good and bad both. They are benevolent creatures who grant wishes and tricksters who can thwart even the most noble of plans. In this way fairies seem to be like us, flying between the light and the dark.







Image Courtesy: Julia Sinelnikova

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