These Multiple Exposure Mountain Pictures by Luke Gram Will Take Your Breath Away

Canadian photographer Luke Gram is one who will surely take you on a divine ride with his photography. His heavenly images use the multiple exposure technique giving them a very fascinating feel. Multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more exposures to create one image and Luke in his photography combines landscape imagery with silhouettes. Specializing in travel and portrait photography, Luke has shared these dreamy photographs on his Instagram page and his website.

Simply put, a good photo to me is one which has emotion. Whether it conveys it, evokes it, or reminds you of it.

Luke believes that emotion is the key to all that is beautiful in this world and this comes very clearly through his photography. Other than the light, color and composition, a good photograph needs to have life in it. The portraits of the people depicted in his photographs have been given warmth and spirit against the backdrop of landscapes like mountains and riversides achieved through the use of the multiple exposure technique.

He is a relatively simple guy, who had never really seen mountains all his childhood, simply because he never lived close to them. But one look at them and Oh, was he in love! He has spent all his life ever since chasing mountains across continents in countries like Nepal and Vietnam, capturing their alluring charm with his photography.

Gram’s passion for travel photography becomes evident from the fact that he has travelled to and photographed the wonders of about 17 countries. He believes that travel makes good art because without it, life would blend into a monotonous routine of the norm. One needs to experience new cultures, new people, new scenes and make new memories. The very reason he started clicking pictures was to photograph the beautiful places he visited and the wonderful people he met, knowing that these are the memories he doesn’t want to forget.

We hope that this little escapade into Luke’s beautiful perspective of life was able to capture and impress your dreamy side!







Image Courtesy: Luke Gram

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