Tolga Girgin: Reincarnating An Ancient Art

Upon first sight, it might look as if strips of coloured paper have been manipulated to create three dimensional shapes and alphabets. But on closer inspection, you’ll notice that this isn’t really what you think it is.

In an attempt to take the visual art of calligraphy to an all new level, Turkish artist Tolga Girgin has made it evident that imagination, creativity and dexterity can breathe a new life into an ancient writing technique. Using Pilot parallel pens, brush pens, and pencils, Tolga Girgin creates experimental scripts that would have you believe that every word is leaping off the paper.

An electrical engineer by profession, Girgin uses calligraphy and shading to create three-dimensional letters. Look at the words from the right perspective, and you’ll find alphabets and shapes standing, floating, slanting and even dripping! He takes things further by playing with words, their meanings and their visual representation- the word “Cut” is gashed, “Cream” seems to be dripping, “Box” is shaped like one and the word “pillar” seems to have been placed on a pillar. Playful seems to be the ideal word to describe his creations!






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