6 Crazy Stag Do Activities You Would Want To Hide From Your Lady-love

Beware! Your best mate might get you in trouble!

Your best man must organise a legendary party to bid adieu to your single life with style. If you think finalising stag do destinations is difficult, then how are you planning to book the attractions and activities?

The primary question that the best man should ask you is, “Do you want to have fun *wink* *wink*”?

And accordingly, you all can choose the destinations for the stag do.

It is considered a male-only party for a reason, so if you want to do activities which are too naughty to share with anyone, then also, don’t hesitate! Book ‘em!

Read on to know what all you can do on your stag do which you might need to hide from your love:

Erotic lesbian show
Isn’t the title enough to get your hopes high? Yes, it is a show where two hot girls with an unreal figure will showcase a full-on experience for you and your lads. All your mates will just love the dynamic duo, moreover, if you don’t remember much of your stag party due to excessive drinking, even then, this won’t be something that you can ever forget. Just imagine!

Anti Stripper
The party is not all about getting the sexy stuff for yourself, right? What if your friends decide to surprise you with an anti-stripper show? Yes, a not-so-pretty girl; preferably fat and disproportionate, dancing and stripping in front of you while you are tied to a chair. Sounds disgusting, right? However, it can be expected because your mates might want to give you a hard time. So beware!

Body eating
What are your thoughts about eating off a naked, beautiful lady? The idea is to choose the right finger food and dress it up on a nude model. The star of the dinner is actually not the food. Yes, you guessed it right! Wondering, why haven’t you done it already? Better not miss it on your stag do else you will not be able to do it ever again! Quite a mouthful, ain’t it?

Lap dancing tour
Getting a lap dance on a stag weekend is pretty exciting. But, what if you push it up a notch? Why not go on a tour instead? Just like every other bar crawl, you can go on a lap dancing crawl as well. Visiting multiple lap dance shows in the vicinity in a single night will elevate the erotic entertainment level of the night, and that will be the best night of your single life. Don’t settle for one when you can have three or four unforgettable moments in a single night!

Mud wrestling
A girl-on-girl fight is all you need to enhance the thrill of your stag do! The excitement of seeing two beautiful models, wearing next to nothing; dipped in a pool of mud and wrestling with each other for fun. So far so good! You can enhance the pleasure by betting on the girls with your lads if you can move your eyes off them even for a second.

Erotic massage
After a tiring day full of adventure activities, one only requires rest. Y’all need to plan something to rub off pain from the sore muscles, and an erotic massage will be a fantastic option. Book appointments in advance to ensure all the lads have a relaxing end to the stag weekend (full of arousals though).

Every other stag party includes a strip show, and yours should too. However, the options mentioned above are far better than an ordinary strip show, and there is no doubt that the lads will say anything about spending their Euros on such experiences. So, don’t worry! You can keep your itinerary lit up!

Plan! Hide! Stag!

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