Origin One Brings To You India’s First Ever Stationery Subscription Box

The scent of paper and ink came beckoning to us sparrows once again this week as we unwrapped our latest postal deliveries. We’re not even going to offer cookies to those who guess what lay inside—starts with an ‘s’, ends with a ‘y’; and we’re not sorry, because it’s stationery!

Origin One is a brand which caters to the ‘design loving global nomad’. They offer stationery, home décor, wall art and concept books. But don’t be fooled into labelling them just another stationery brand. Apart from bringing a dash of quirk to all the products mentioned above, Origin One also does subscription boxes.

There are plenty of reasons to love subscription boxes—they’re something to look forward to every month, the contents aren’t revealed beforehand so it’s a surprise every time and you get to try new things that you may not buy on your own—it’s almost like sending yourself a gift!

So, when we heard about India’s first design and stationery subscription box, we were definitely intrigued. With a quirky monochrome outer packaging and creatively-styled products inside, the Origin One subscription box does not disappoint.

Origin One Stationery Subscription Box

Origin One Stationery Subscription Box


Each box opens up to reveal a variety of Origin One products. In the spirit of surprise, we won’t reveal to you what exactly was inside the boxes, but there’s something for everyone—lovers of notebooks, cards, badges and stamps will all be satisfied.

The small box (which costs Rs. 1,000) is a great way to start out and get a taste of what a regular subscription would be like, though we found it a tad bit pricey. You’ll find new products inside each monthly box, designed by Origin One. They’re flexible with their service, offering one time billing along with one, three, six and twelve month(s) prepaid options.

If you’re one to go all in, the big box (Rs. 2000) is the one for you since it packs double the fun. Each box comes with a personal thank you note from Pushkar Thakur, who is the man behind Origin One’s magic. You know what they say about little things? Origin One definitely does.


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The products inside the box are not only a delight to look at, they are also exemplary in their functionality. We can easily see them making their way onto our desks, and staying there. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself on their website. You’ll see what we mean.

If a subscription box doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can just go the a la carte way and check out their whole range of products—the Desktop Blackboard and DIY Photo Frames definitely caught our eye. You can shop effortlessly on their website or drop in to their studio in Delhi (details here) for a more personalised experience.

Being the lovers of all things quirky that we are, Origin One’s perfect blend of style and utility has made us sigh with contentment. Only one question remains—are they chirp-worthy? Well, we give you a whole-hearted yes!


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Images by Team TYS

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