5 Restaurants In Delhi NCR That Score Brownie Points For Food Presentation And Decoration

Art is a tool that never fails to gladden its considerate admirers. Irrespective of the entity it is integrated with, the overall out-turn it tends to create is a delight to rest our eyes on. Not only it intensifies the value of the subject but also, makes it a riveting account of thorough allure. Like the hundreds of other subjects art can be mixed with, food enjoys this thrilling companionship, too. With the latter consolidating its grip amongst the patrons, it is obligatory to dispense more than just taste in its quest of satisfying a hungry tummy. Creativity, art and food help people wallow in a range of tastes in the most constructive way and for a city which forms the heart of our country, food and its looks are a must.

Here is a list of restaurants in Delhi NCR with the most gorgeous food presentation that you must see.

1. The Roseate

Samalka, New Delhi

The Roseate in New Delhi serves quality Chinese food in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Other than their tasteful meals, it is their Splendid Baked Yoghurt that emerges out as the restaurants’ best delicacy wrapped around the corner of splendid artistry. The Splendid Yoghurt is essentially creamy baked yogurt, which comes in a glass topped with a layer of berry coulis and mint; and in the summer, diced mangoes. A paper thin cracker balancing a dollop of sorbets rests perfectly on top of the glass which contains in it the yogurt you can scoop after breaking through the slim cracker. Such brilliant food presentation, we think!


Picture Courtesy- The Roseate

2. Hauz Khas Social

Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

To recreate the celebrated air of Game of Thrones, Hauz Khas Social in New Delhi has come up with their bright and just, right GoT-based LIITs for the enthusiasts and dedicated fanatics. The drinks offer an assorted mix of rum, vodka, tequila or gin flaunting their looks in a long heighted narrow vessel, turning the beverage into a picturesque vision.


Picture Courtesy- Social

3. Birdie Num Num


A cocktail bar with coastal food is what this Gurgaon based eatery boasts of. Birdie Num Num is the city’s first coastal kitchen serving regional cuisine and drinks, all at one place – with gorgeous food presentation as well. Succeeding already with the eatables, the restaurant marks its triumph in producing a significant range of sippables amongst which The Magic Egg clasps the apex of the list. A blend of whisky, banana syrup and lime with a neat arrangement of roasted almonds and egg makes it a beautiful beverage to relish!


Picture Courtesy- Zomato

4. Oh So Stoned


Other than a trendy name, this ice cream booth in Noida has a lot more to offer to the taste buds of the people who walk into it. Particularly, the Banoffee Freeze and Rum Baba, a regular ice-cream sundae with a pinch of modern familiarity is sure to have you long for a one more scoop. Repetitive beating of ice cream on a cold stone for three minutes followed by adding chopped rum balls and chocolate fudge sauce begets a heaven on Earth and not to forget, it wins a ten on ten for looks!


Picture Courtesy- Zomato

5. Holy Smoke


Delivering appetizing flavors of meat, Holy Smoke is a groovy place to head into. The eatery is modeled in a post industrial design with the refurbished warehouse décor and looks faultless with the interiors. Tenderloin Steak, Lamb Rack and Bacon Jam form a succulent and attractive team of dishes one can look forward to devour while their visit to this spot.


 Picture Courtesy- Zomato

These restaurants are sure to ignite the creative spark within you. With their food that can easily be categorised as art, it’s a wonder how anyone can actually dig into such beautiful dishes!

Featured Image Courtesy- Whatshot

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