A Peek Inside The Quirky Office of Ad Film Production House Balls Worldwide

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Monday blues can be one of the most depressing things you face when you walk into office and look at the drab boring chairs and dull pastel-coloured desks waiting for you to vegetate in and work your bum off for the entire week. Just for inspiration, the Sparrows went around looking at the coolest advertising agencies in the country and gave you a sneak peak into TwentyThree Advertising  a few days back.

For this week’s office space inspiration we bring to you Balls Worldwide, an Ad Film Production House with a name that you’d always recall and an office that you’d never ever want to leave! Balls Worldwide recently won a Goafest Abby for this exceptionally well-planned space.

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Balls Worldwide

The 1,300 sq ft space, imagined by Umbrella Design, and  promotes open communication. Not only are we biased towards the pop yellow metal structures throughout the office spaces but the flooring with the glossy effect of the wine tone is all types of major office space goals!
Inspiring office spaces
The area is well illuminated by natural light flooding in through the large windows on the upper floor and also by the stylish ceiling lamps.
Balls Worldwide office spaces
Cute and colorful accents are kept all through the space which not only keep the office’s cool quotient up but also ensure that the organisation’s quirky tongue-in-cheek aura is highlighted and kept in play!
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Balls Worldwide
Our favorite corner undoubtedly is the pantry that could easily be mistaken for a mini bar – its metallic cabinets complement the bar stools, making it a perfect spot to relax and unwind.
Balls Worldwide office spaces
Not only that, there is a special space assigned to the office to keep a tally of the daily table tennis matches that happen between brain storming sessions!
Balls Worldwide Studio Office Inspiring
Now who won’t wish for Mondays to come sooner with a workplace like this!
All Images Courtesy of Balls Worldwide

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