Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home/Office With Pantone’s Fall Colour List: Blue

Pantone Riverside and Airy Blue

The Pantone Fall Colour List is out and it declares the year ahead to be ‘The King of Blues’. Over the next few paragraphs, The Yellow Sparrow curates a few inspiration ideas for you that can be incorporated in your home, workplace and wardrobe based on Pantone’s Fall Colour List 2016. We’ve put together some creative ways to decorate these spaces in blues!

This Fall, Pantone’s ten-shade palette is dominated by the Blue dynasty and is inspired by a “desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism.”

It conveys a sense of respite even in stormy times. The hues including shades of the soothing Blue, bursts of the vivacious Reds and Pinks, the classic Gray and the exotically majestic Mustard Yellows have us lusting away for the palette.

Digressing from the much common and more typical Fall shades, this year’s palette transcends gender and enters a third ground, a pacifier between serenity and playful pops of energy. Pantone predicts that the comforting yet strong new Blues in the palette- namely, Riverside and Airy Blue will dominate our interiors and closets this Winter.

Blue #1 – Riverside

Pantone Fall 2016 colur


The roster of Fall/Winter 2016 is led by Riverside, a calming blue amalgamating the sophisticated navy blue and the vibrant cobalt blue. It gives an air of tenaciousness and adds a dose of mystery, staying chic all the while. Elucidating the importance of this hue in the colour roster, Pantone says that Riverside “undeniably takes precedence in the Fall collections.”

Riverside is the perfect colour to incorporate in your homes for a comforting and warm feeling.

Living Room

Painting walls with this shade gives a feeling of tenderness to the entire space, and decorating with design pieces and accessories of this mystic blue adds spark to the interior.

Pantone riverside blue walls, rooms, decor

Image source: Pinterest

Bedroom and Bathroom

As a colour which emotes stability and elegance, including carpets, cushion covers and linen of it in your bedroom will give you solace of mind and heart. You can also incorporate Riverside-coloured panels and plumbing in your bathroom to make it look more airy and appealing.

Blue inspired bedrooms/ bathrooms

Image source: Conceptsandcolorways


You can also use Riverside-inspired ceramics to have a unique and fresh set of kitchenware in your home. The blue will lend you a cozy feel this Winter season.

RIverside kitchenware, crockery, cermaics

Image source: Pinterest

 For Your Office 

We also have some ideas to jazz up your office space and chase away those Monday blues at work for you. Design your office interiors with Pantone’s Riverside blue to give it a stylish and fun feel and your co-workers a sense of continuity and reliability. Riverside works best with lighter shades of blue, white and old wood colours.

Pantone 2016 riverside interior/ space

riverside office space,decor

Image source: Live-design (top), Pinterest (bottom)

Blue #2 – Airy Blue

Pantone Fall/Winter 2016 colour palette

The latest addition in the Blue family is the light and floaty Airy Blue. It has taken over the runways and has entered your homes. The lightness and versatility of this shade has made a place in people’s hearts, which is an indisputable reason for its popularity.

On one hand, where Riverside represents constancy and sophistication, Airy Blue gives one a feeling of weightlessness and unimpeachable freedom.

This shade opens new and unique avenues to experimentation with other colours and flawlessly complements the other hues in the 10-shade Fall 2016 palette. The lofty nature of this hue is perfectly contrasted with the warmth and serenity that it provides in a chaotic and confusing world.

Being such a dynamic colour, Airy Blue can be incorporated in many ways to make spaces look tranquil and transcending. Infusing this shade into your home is the perfect way to make it look more spacious.

Living Room

Have door panels, printed or block- coloured couches, décor items, etc. in this shade. Airy Blue painted walls are a great way of decorating rooms as the weightlessness of this colour adds another dimension to the interiors and is sure to woo your guests over.

Airy Blue couches and doors

Image source: Pinterest

Bedroom and Bathroom

The bedroom is your own personal hideout and space. Instill a sense of peace so that you can channel your creativity in your room by adding Airy Blue linen, pillows, carpets or drapes. The springy feel of this colour will keep you up-beat all the time. A nice bathroom is a must for everybody and Airy Blue comes to your rescue yet again. Incorporate it in your shower panels or bathroom fittings for a tasteful interior.

Pantone 2016 airy blue wall

Apntone airy blue bedroom/ bathroom/ interior

Image source: Dulux (top), Pinterest (bottom)


Airy Blue cabinets, or ceramics and kitchenware  complement the feeling of serenity this season. You can also give a fun feel to your home by installing quirky fittings and accessories in this hue.

Airy blue kitchen spaceairy blue items

Image source: Pinterest (top), Delightfull (bottom left), Lecreuset (bottom right)

 For Your Office

Incorporating Airy Blue in your office space will give a sense of comfort to you. It will give a fresh outlook to the room giving the surroundings a relaxed feel. Airy Blue painted walls are the first step to adding the colour to your workspace. You can also include blue furniture and décor pieces to give your office a breezy mood.

Pantone airy blue workspace

blue office interior
Image sources: Pinterest

The Blues are indubitably rocking the fashion and design scene this season. Winter couldn’t come any sooner, right?

 Feature image source: Modanapratica

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