A Tribute To India’s Most Inspiring Fathers: Art With A Social Message by Debasmita Dasgupta


Mostly, relationships are the reason we remain sane and are also the source for our undying strength that helps us achieve all that we wish to. Artist Debasmita Dasgupta has similar notions when it comes to art with a social message. She uses illustrative art as a medium to think back upon relationships of the past, establish those in our present and also lay foundations for those that are yet to come in the future. Her series ‘My Father Illustrations’ is particularly famous and special as they help establish an ideal father-daughter relationship, that if universalised, will make our world a better place to live in.

Debasmita Dasgupta

The moment a father holds his child in his hands, his world seems to completely change. Suddenly, all that matters to him is this child’s happiness and every father tries his best to provide his child with all the joy in the world. This is a special relationship close to Calcutta-born artist Debasmita Dasgupta’s heart. She was born in India and has recently migrated to Singapore which has taught her to appreciate art better under the pretext of Singapore’s multicultural ethnicity.

My definition of being a feminist includes being a humanist.

Debasmita Dasgupta- Relationships

Woman of the match- Harmanpreet Kaur


Debasmita Dasgupta

‘I am Amba from Jharkhand’ – Epic Women Series

As a humanitarian by heart, she stands against discrimination towards any gender or sexual orientation. She also wishes to solve the issues of classes, different race or ethnicity and many more social issues through art.

Having been to exposed art, culture and literature from a young age, Debasmita has always tried to create something that is good mix of the modern and the traditional. Whether it be her influence for her ‘Epic Women’ series or her knowledge about the evolution of practices against a certain gender. She has been able to produce effective pieces of work due to the knowledge of both her past and present not only in her culture, but also those that she has been exposed to after stepping foot in Singapore.

Art has the power to create a positive, life-long impact on people.

Her art has not only been her platform for social commentary but it has also given a chance to those whose voices haven’t been heard up till now, giving them the power to break the norm, stand up for themselves and do the right thing for their children.

Debasmita Dasgupta

Black is Beautiful- Well said by Kaifi Azmi

She also has a message for struggling artists out there:

We were all once in that position and even once successful, one many a times we find our selves back in that stage. However, we must believe in ourselves; for only then will we aspire to produce good work. Someone somewhere is watching your work and it is creating a positive impact on his/her heart.

As part of Arts Positive, a global organization that reaches out to both online and offline communities through various artistic projects, Debasmita believes that art can inspire people to take positive decisions in life.

The Yellow Sparrow believes that art never goes unappreciated. It’s simply just that, the world is not ready for your work yet. However, fret not! You will eventually find your own group of followers. But until then, produce art because it gives you happiness. Do not try to please others and lose yourself in the process. Find a purpose that keeps you going and strive to work harder, as, even if your art may not find success just as yet, your strong beliefs will keep you going.

s1 Debasmita Dasgupta

You can check out more of her work on her website or you could also visit her Facebook page.

Images courtesy of Debasmita Dasgupta 

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