Vintage Suitcases Meet Boomboxes In This Curious Case of Bass

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How many of you secretly wish that you could walk down streets with a boombox in your hand or stand outside your girl’s window blasting out The Smiths, like you saw in the movies?

Well then, the Case of Bass may just be the outlet for you to live your dreams!.

If you’re wondering what we’re getting at, then let us simplify it for you- Case of Bass is a unique endeavour that works to convert vintage suitcases into functional old-school boomboxes. Brainchild of Portland-based brother duo Ezra and Alex Climino-Hurt, Case of Bass works towards the amalgamation of science and art to find the aesthetic virtuoso in each of us.


Case of bass features

Image source: Case of bass

Case of Bass literally recycles vintage suitcases to create portable boomboxes and is a business with a unique vision.  The brothers go scouring for quirky vintage suitcases across the country that are then paired with classic old-school audio equipment like speakers, dials, rechargeable battery packs all based on reliable technologies.

Each Case of Bass is manually assembled and assures supreme craftsmanship to its customers. The focal aim of the brothers is to deliver majestic sound and a distinctive style that compliments the owner of the case.

To help each of you find your inner Lloyds’ (the movie buffs would get this Say Anything reference), the company offers cases in various sizes and shapes, integrated with Bluetooth, auxiliary and Mp3 inputs to cater to all needs.

Case of Bass Features

Case of Bass Products

Image Source : Case Of Bass

Case of Bass also partnerships with local Portland businesses, artists and craftsmen on special projects to come up with unique and unconventional audio creations for the people. One of its incredibly awesome projects, called ‘A Touch of Bass’ is based on the bizarre idea of mounting photographs of boom boxes in a frame fitted with a Bluetooth sound system and speakers to give the illusion as if the picture hanging on one’s wall “has come to life”, in the words of the brilliant audiophile scientists at Case of Bass.


Ezra and Alex Climino-Hurt, founders of Case of Bass

Case of Bass

Image Source : Go Skate PDX

Another feat of wizardry that the brother duo accomplished was when it teamed up with Skateboard Recycler MapleXO, to turn skateboards into music and a ramp that pounds beats. The 4-foot tall ramp covered in colourful maple wood skateboard scraps is a high-tech boombox in this creation.

We recommend you get your own Case of Bass right now and go indulge in your eccentricity!

Feature Image Courtesy : Case Of Bass

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