5 Inspiring TED Talks On Creativity Everyone Should Watch

TED talks on creativity

We often find ourselves glaring out into nothingness, our heads racing back and forth to the time it started out with errors and how we are not good enough and how amazing other people are. Here’s the thing, what if I tell you that you are as good and as creative as the others.

I’m not just telling you, no. I’ve got proof. Here’s why you should believe me:

The following TED talks on creativity, thinking outside the box, original thinkers and all the sparkle dust around, will help you understand your personal brand of quirk and figure out what makes you blend in with the crowd and know what sets you apart.

1. How to Build Your Creative Confidence

David Kelley

David Kelley, author of the book Creative Confidence, goes on to describe the confidence of being creative in life through a more psychological approach. He describes the process that could make analytical thinkers acknowledge the creative part of them that they never related to. He rejects the idea of the world having a division of creative and non-creative people. There is no such division and all people are naturally creative and that there is just a little effort needed to exhibit the creative part confidently. You can buy his book here.

2. The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

Adam Grant

Adam Grant is a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the author of the book ‘How Non-Conformists Change the World’. He has been recognized as both the youngest tenured and highest rated professor at the Wharton School. In a very interesting way, he describes the habits that are usually acknowledged to  hinder the productivity and creativity of an individual are actually what make original, successful individuals. He explains how self-doubt is the one thing that original thinkers avoid and how they rather doubt their idea which leads to motivation and further refinement of that idea. Sounds intriguing? Check out his book for more, here.

3. Creative Thinking – How to Get Out of The Box and Generate Ideas

Giovanni Corazza

Corazza is the founder of the Marconi Institute of Creativity and teaches science and the applications of creative thinking. He puts the process and its practice of creativity encased into questions like: why should you think outside the box, which box is the one you should get out of, where and when should you think outside the box. He describes the creative thinkers as the ones who look for ‘Many Alternatives’ rather than ‘One Correct Solution’. Further, he elaborates on the need to cultivate “long thinking” and to live out in the unknown in order to discover more than the already known.

4. 4 Lessons in Creativity

Julie Burstein

Julie, author of ‘Spark: How Creativity Works‘, beautifully explains how creativity emerges out of everyday stories. She elaborates on how we should learn to embrace the struggle and challenges to help creativity grow within us. She goes on to explain the four parts with the story of an artist which lends a hand in donning the perspective that she wants us to have. Want more of Julie’s inspirational outlook? Get your hands on her book.

5. The Secret to Creativity

Mike Dillon

Mike, a successful entrepreneur and former Disney ‘Imagineer’, plainly smoothes out the curves and zig-zags around the subject of creativity into straight lines for us to understand well. They are all the basics we need to know to understand creativity and to tame it to grow well.

If you haven’t already, don’t be afraid to hit play on these. You’ll thank me later, I promise!

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