Rutuja Mali’s Clay Art Is So Quirky It’ll Put A Grin On Your Face

Rutuja Mali Clay Art

Rutuja Mali takes creativity a notch higher and delivers the brightest of ideas in the most colourful of ways. Right from her clay models to her quirky graphics- her art modifies itself to suit the situation. So while a little clay cat daydreams, an angry Kejriwal figures in a social campaign. One look down her profile on Behance, and you’ll know what we are talking about. A lover of animated movies, she always found their character designs super enticing. With her favorite medium of expression being clay, she brings out her passions for 3D to express her thoughts and inspirations straight into her quirky designs.

Rutuja Mali

This carefree young woman is based in Mumbai, and has been using her artistic sensibilities diversely-as an art director, illustrator as well as a graphic designer. Rutuja’s play with colours and figures weaves magic. Her art comes out in support of cultural festivals, stands in opposition to social problems and story book illustrations. She creates imitations of politicians and celebrities as part of the ‘Double Dholki’ campaign; she even creates a campaign on safety pins!




Rutuja Mali Clay Art Rutuja Mali Clay Art





















Beyond the enormity of this brilliant plastic world, there is a small little town of clay figurines and art illustrations.  It springs out of Rutuja’s creativity, now and then there are bright colours and subtle shades. We’re delighted to catch a glimpse of it!

                                                                                                                                                Image Courtesy of Rutuja Mali

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