[Interview] Fashion Blogger Farheen Naqi Talks About The Hijab As a Genre Of Modest Fashion

Started off as an ideogram of modesty,

Came about as an emblem of novelty.

Even though it was carried on as a legacy,

What it now defines is the identity.

Can we call it splendor or magnificence?

The fabric that stands for glamour and elegance,

Today we talk about-the headscarf and its essence.



Back in 627 C.E (getting my history skills on point) the hijab was worn as a symbol of modesty. In no time did the hijab become a representation of one’s individuality. In the year 2016, “Hijab” not only means modesty or defines your identity, it also includes comfort, color, style and of course, the attitude.

TYS approached Farheen Naqi to talk about her fashion blog – Filter Fashion. Filter Fashion is everything but an everyday fashion blog you come across. It’s your perfect wardrobe guide into contemporary modest fashion. Read along the filter-free interview to know more about how she drapes all that pulchritude.


Q. Who or what was the inspiration behind Filter Fashion?

Even though I’ve always  loved fashion, I started wearing the headscarf about two months before I decided to come up with my own blog. Whilst I was just  finding new ways to wear it, I noticed that my followers on Instagram started to grow, so I decided to start a blog as an outlet to experiment with modest fashion.

Q. What’s the story behind the name of your blog?

Instagram is all about filters. I first started posting my outfits and all fashion-related things on Instagram and that’s when the name- Filter Fashion suddenly clicked. And who doesn’t like some alliteration?


Q. Tell us more about your online store Little Black Hijab.

I launched Little Black Hijab in late August because I faced a lot of difficulties trying to  find comfortable and trendy scarves in India. So I searched around the world to see what girls like me would love to wear, especially in a country like India.

Q. What variety of hijabs does your store have?

Currently, we have quite a variety of hijabs in different materials such as viscose, lace, georgette and crinkled. I tried to look for things that were hard to buy here in India, and I’m happy to say that so far our hijabs are pretty exclusive.


Q. Why do you think it necessary to have a different kind of hijab on different occasions and with different outfits?

Just as different hairstyles can change a look entirely, scarves work in a similar fashion and can make or break your outfit. For a casual day out, you want something comfortable, breezy yet still on-trend; whereas on a night out you’d probably want something more elegant. Sometimes you want the scarf to be the main attraction of your outfit and sometimes you want it to take the backseat.

Q. What are the things, according to you, to be kept in mind while selecting a hijab?

There are various ways in which a hijab can be wrapped, and to a certain extent it does depend on what face shape you have. You should also look out for your skin tone and eye color. For example, when girls with brown eyes wear brown hijabs, it really brings out their eyes and makes them pop!


Q.What is Filter Fashion for you?

Filter Fashion is my way of expressing modest fashion and (hopefully) inspiring other girls to know that beauty can lie in modesty too.

Q. What is your take on the comfort aspect of it?

When I first started wearing it, I didn’t find it very comfortable as it was in Mumbai during the October heat. But it was all about finding the right fabric, the right style and a little bit of patience. Now I barely feel like I even have it on.



Q. How do you counter the common rhetoric of hijab as a symbol of oppression? Something you’d like to tell other women?

Wearing the hijab is a small part of dressing and acting modestly. I find covering certain parts of myself to be empowering, it allows me to gain control over other people’s perceptions about me. Something I’d like to tell other women is: If you’re thinking about wearing a headscarf, do it for yourself, look into the meaning of it and research about the beauty behind it before you finally take that leap.


We absolutely love such bold and empowering figures who not just convey a message but do it in  style. More power to you, Farheen!

Image Source: Filter Fashion

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