Dream of launching your own app? Follow Opinia 360’s journey!

Launch a mobile app, and you’ve unleashed a creative part of yourself out into the world for others to see.
Read on to see how Opnia 360 paved its way to success!

In conversation with co-founder Saumitra Depawat:

Q. What was the inspiration behind the App ­Opinia ­360?
AIn. definition, Opinia 360 is a platform that crowd ­sources people’s opinions on the issues which affect all of us. But in spirit, it is a lot more than that.
The power of opinion being reserved with the high ranking and prime time figures is an upsetting reality. How many times have we heard them at our behest. “ India wants to know” “India does not want this” “India will not forgive you”. How do they reach such incisive conclusions? Do they have a tool which objectively gauges what India wants? If not, then this is not what a democracy is supposed to be. In fact, it is the anti-thesis to democracy. And that is why we created Opinia360. The clear central vision to empower each and every human being such that they can voice their opinions, be it in agreement or disagreement, happiness or anger, socialist or capitalist; So that, we can make all the voices collectively count.


Q. Tell our readers the steps behind developing an app and how you developed a Plan Of Action?
The first stage is that of PLANNING. There is a need to define the application, it’s purpose, it’s flow. This is the most basic initial stage. Once that is done, we simultaneously define the logic matrix and do the wire framing. Wire Framing is to decide what happens after what is the sequence of actions. Post that we need to figure out the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience).
All this information is given then to the developer.The second stage is DEVELOPING. Here all that has been decided about the app is researched we find out if it is possible or feasible or not. Questions like this ‘will the app have a back-end’ or ‘will it be a server app’ are answered and the modulations are made.Research and clarifications happen simultaneously.

Q. Who are the most essential people behind an app-development process? What’s was your team size when you started? What is it now?
Everyone is important. Opinia hired developers. We Contract Deal and WebContext on board to the needfullWe started with me ad Shekhar. Later Jaideep was got on board and now there are 6 people in the core team plus interns.

Q. Today money is the most important as well as the hardest commodity to obtain, especially considering start­ups. How much did you invest initially and how did you get funds for your it?
I actually don’t want to disclose the monetary know ­how. But all the capital was self­ funded.

Q. Do you think it is good to get a corporate experience before starting up? Why? How can it help?
Yes experience is the key to success. You are more aware of the realities and proble you will face in future. Experience also help in making better fire fighting decissions, when required.

Q. Did you education help you in your current work? How?
No, my education did not help me at all. It was only my experience.

Q. Did you face any challenges in the process?
A lot of challenges came our way. However the greatest challenge was that in my mind, there were always new ideas. Sadly, even though you want to constantly keep changing the application to make it better, you can’t. Here you realise the diference between a project and a product. A product is standard and can’t be changed. A project can always be altered.

Q. How easy was it to convince the family/ partner, and above all, yourself in the face of challenges?
It was easy to convince family. The issue was convincing myself. This is the most important time of my life, I can do the maximum at this age. I can do a job which would personaly be more profitable. In such a case to consolidate the brain and focus was a tough job. But I am proud to say, I emerged victorious and now doing something that would help the entire country.

Q. What are you future plans for Opinia360?
We are currently working on the second version of the App which shall be launched soon. Also we are working on a few more products that would make the app a lot more interactive and user friendly. Further since our ambition is to strengthen the democracy, we plan to cover the Delhi and Haryana elections in a big way.

Q. How would you describe your journey in 1 sentence?
My journey is still incomplete. I would want it to be like “A successful man is one who can give back more to society than he takes from it.”


Q. What are some industry lessons you could give our readers, according to the industry of the start­up, or as an individual?
FIRST, While in the process of planning, make sure it’s stage wise. Make sure it isn’t subjective to the ideas that pop in your mind. The plans must be absolute. 

SECOND, You must always have a BETA phase. Make sure you indemnify yourself. No mobile app is perfect in the beginning. It takes a lot of time and trials to perfect it. Be sure that you will need a Beta phase.

THIRD, Be patient and contingent.No matter what product you have made, the market will take it’s own sweet time to accept it. The concept behind your product may be amazing but in your future plans always leave spare time and don’t expect the product to trend as soon as you launch.

FOURTH, Know what you want before hiring. Do not hire anyone till you find the right person. Always hire that person who can do what you can’t. If you can can do what he can, do it yourself, why hire?

You can download the app here. 

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