Things To Do In Paris: Marvel At The Beauty Of The Floors!

Paris, the city of love. We’ve all read about it in books, seen it in movies and dreamt of visiting it at least once in our mortal existence. In its vast beauty including marvels like the majestic Eiffel Tower and the Pantheon, it has stunning floors. Yes, you read it right, floors, which have been effortlessly captured by photographer Sebastian Erras’s Paris based project Parisian Floors. Parisian floors (@parisianfloors) on Instagram gives repetitive shots of Sebastian Erras’s shoes uniformly placed at the bottom of exquisite Paris floors.

The viewer gets to see the brightly colored patterns and mosaics that exist underfoot in Paris. Erras captures a variety of artistic styles, from structured geometric patterns to fanciful flourishes to colorful characters. They’re all exquisitely crafted with tiles that rest under the photographer’s fashionable feet.

He gives a strong message with his mesmerizing photography, reminding us to look at and appreciate the beauty around us, even if it may lie under our feet and also giving us a hint of what spectacles just a change in perspective can reveal.

I want to show them that there’s not only the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and other monuments but that the city has a lot more different angles and things to be appreciated. You just have to see and notice them.

Belonging to the south of Germany, Erras’s interest in photography developed as a wildlife photographer, when he started capturing the local wildlife in Kenya with an old analogue SLR and a few lenses. Another passion of his is to travel the world and explore new cultures, which he has quite well paired with his passion for photography. His inspiration for Parisian floors began on a trip to Marrakech, Morocco where he rekindled with his love for mosaics and decided to photograph the designs back in the cafes and hallways of Paris.

We hope that these photographs were able to fulfill their intended purpose of changing your perspective and convincing you to find beauty anywhere, even floors or as Sebastian quite bluntly puts, “Look Down!”.

Sebastian Erras

Sebastian Erras

Sebastian Erras

Sebastian Erras

Sebastian Erras

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