#TypographyTuesday: 5 Creative Typography Artists Handpicked From Across The Globe


It’s only words, and words are all we have to take your heart away, today. Yes, we are talking typography which is taking the world by storm and there are many artists who indulge in various forms of it, such as: hand scripted, digital, mixed media and more. Typography is not only a form of art and a visual representation of the same but it is very inspirational as it gives an edge to the words lent by writers, quotes, excerpts of poems or for visual merchandising.

After a weekend flipping through books, surfing the net and giving up to my work schedule, I do often end up looking at a piece of calligraphy pinned up on my board, though I don’t understand what’s written on it, the curves of the calligraphic script in dense black made me want to find about such artists who make typography worth rejoicing for all of us. Here it is, freshly pressed from the nest of TYS, 5 creative typography artists you just wouldn’t want to miss out on.

1. Sabeena Karnik

We often connect typography to pens, pencils or digital media, but Mumbai-based artist Sabeena Karnik has given it an all new meaning by merging quilling and paper sculpting with typography, bringing the words to life. She has worked for many brands and has even used her skills of bringing words to life by paper sculpting for visual merchandising. What I really loved was her work for a calendar print which is done in quilling and gives a unique pop art like to the scheme, perfectly balancing out the bright hues and making it something surely worth cherishing.

Sabeena Karnik

Sabeena Karnik

Sabeena Karnik

Images courtesy of Sabeen Karnik

2. Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a typographer and artist based in San Antonio and specializes in typography, calligraphy and mixed media. He says he fell in love with calligraphy at a very young age and aims to keep his passion going strong by teaching people to build their businesses out of this art as well. What really attracted me to visit his page was the raw essence of charcoal, the pencil strokes engulfing the alphabets which are further finished with microns of different points to bring the entire quote delivered on the paper base to the viewer.



Images courtesy of Sean McCabe

3. Chris Labrooy

Bold colours, Sculpting the words in 3D through digital media and giving a new dimension to typography, UK based typographer Chris Labrooy  has left us mesmerized. Looking at his work reminds me of Elvis Presley, It’s a party of words, colors and art. Looking at his work, you’d instantly connect it to downtown grafitti which is rebellious, strong and feels like a blast of paint.



Images courtesy of Chris Labrooy

4. Luke Lucas

Luke Lucas is a freelance creative, art director, illustrator, designer, and typographer from Melbourne, Australia and has taken Behance and various other social platforms by a storm. His contemporary work focuses on conceptual illustrative typography, custom lettering and type design attracting briefs from agencies, publishers and brands across the globe. A combination of photography and typography, Luke shows us how one word can be treated in many ways through different styles and themes.


5. Nina Gregier 

Embroidery on paper, cutwork art, paper craft and different styles shaken in a jar with typography has given us a cocktail of art with a razor cut edge to the meaning of the art form, as it is. Based in Poland, Nina Gregier is an illustrator and graphic designer. Her style of typography consisting of soft pastels, with thread sewn over it, reminding is of pure Tuscany couture from Italy which is worn by none less than the aristocrats and celebrities. That’s how it is, soft and refreshing yet out of the box and an all new perspective to typography.



38eef925487630.5604c5ce6605dImages courtesy of Nina Gregier

So sip on a glass of Sangria, relax and enjoy all of these works on this lovely Tuesday. Our true aim is to get you inspired and start off with some quote writing, penning thoughts or using some borrowed words to create your own style of typography. Stay inspired and keep inspiring – that’s the motto, fellas!

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