Vainius Kubilius: Panic At The Disco

When a star bursts, a thousand morsels of light shoot out in flames of ecstasy piercing the night sky with luminary brilliance. Wouldn’t it be great if this wonder could come alive in front of our eyes in our own bedrooms as we dream, work or just sit and stare waiting for it to unfold? The Yellow Sparrow recently discovered the handiwork of Vainius Kubilius that goes beyond lighting up a space, it becomes the very soul of the setting it is placed in.

For Kubilius every room is a canvass and every kind of light – his colour of choice.  His creations represent a fiery aboriginal design that paints the night time with esoteric shadows, making the dream world come alive inside our homes.

Vainius Kubilius, who calls himself a lamp lighter, works with hollow coconut shells, drilling thousands of holes into them, resulting in a bedlam of  converging rays of light imitating little illuminating disco balls, when the shell is  placed over a bulb.  According to him these lamps are the fruits of an aphrodisiac, having the capability of igniting passion in a person’s life and for those who are not interested in love – it works just as well; heightening their sense of a drug induced happy delirium.

Surely all of us remember using the glow in the dark stickers at one point or another to turn the roof of our rooms into colourful night skies or the teddy bear we held tightly in a bid to feel safe when intimidating darkness surrounded us, come night. Kubilius’s creations would not only help you battle the gloomy shadows of the dark in style but also change the feel, look and ambiance of your place, turning it into a perfect setting for all  kinds of fun occasions.

The best part about these lamps, that Kubilius proudly refers to as his nymphs, is its minimalist form; the artist has used easily available waste material to create something so unusual and fascinating that it unequivocally takes our breath away. His work echoes the saying “creativity resides in the mind of the artist, rather than the elements of the art.”  He has effortlessly turned a phenomenon of nature into a fancy and irresistible room accessory that would find space in the room of a seventy year old as easily as in the room of a ten year old.

The body of the lamp is basically made of cork and suede, coiled into serpentine shapes and topped with a coconut shell containing a bulb inside. To get the best effect one should keep the lamp in the middle of the room possibly on the floor. Once plugged in the long and twisted patterns flowing out of the lamp would instantly illuminate every nook and cranny of the room with stunning designs.  So let the party begin.



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