6 Ways To Generate Leads With Video Marketing

Marketing is tough business, or one can say marketing is tough in business, but videos can make that tough easy. Video marketing is the new big thing, and can help make you the new big thing.
Here’s how video marketing can help boost lead generation for a company.

1. Easy Visibility

Everyone sees videos. Humans are social animals, agreed, but we are lazy social animals. We want to see instead of having to read and visuals are also easily remembered than texts, and videos help just there. YouTube is the second most used search engine, and your video can be one of those searched. Billions of people watch videos every month, and videos are constantly in circulation. But if you want to use a more professional platform, you can use platforms like Wistia, which is especially meant for video marketing. All these reasons make using videos a tempting option to use as a part of your marketing strategy.
In a video, people can see your facial expression and hear in your voice. You can demonstrate how your product works, or how to get more out of a product or service they’re already using.

2. Conversions

Landing pages are meant to convert people. But you can get anyone to convert and fill out their details, you have to grab their attention. Catchy and engaging videos come in handy here. They lure people in and tell them about your product. It’s best promotion, and also quite convenient as videos these days are easy to shoot and upload. A site, Flyte has found that people who watch one of their videos on YouTube are over 700% more likely to fill out a contact form at their site than the average site visitor. See? 700%!
The best practice for capturing leads when using promotional videos on landing pages is to use a call-to-action (CTA) or auto-redirect. A CTA or and auto-correct sends the viewers to the next step of the strategy, such as buying the product or buying a sample, and help them to further engage with the brand. This makes use of the annotation feature in YouTube and helps people directly reach your site.

3. Gating Videos

Gating means hiding your videos behind a metaphorical ‘gate’ that will be opened up once the user fills in their information which is exactly what you want. In order to do this, videos can be used to create hype and curiosity, like a teaser video, and then further information can be kept hidden for after they fill in the forms. Like this one from Tai Lopez, that acts as a teaser.



4. Positioning The Gates

The forms can be kept at the starting or at the end, but it is best if they be kept in the middle because that generates more curiosity as people generally don’t want to leave a part of a video unseen like that. Tools like Wistia’s Turnstile help you add forms (which act as gates) to the beginning and middle of your video. Here’s what Brendan Schwartz and his team figured out after pulling data from 15,000 videos that used their service:
Turnstiles at the beginning of videos, had a 16% conversion rate. But they also likely limited the number of views that video received, turnstiles at the end of videos allowed for more views, but had only a 3% conversion rate while turnstiles during the video, placed at 10-20% of the way through, converted at a shocking 43%. This is why forms should be kept in the middle of the videos.
Here it is important that the forms are required and not optional as people tend to skip optional forms and go on with the video with defeats the purpose. Make it necessary to fill the form to see the video further.


5. Interactive Content

Videos are so hyped because they are in a way interactive and fresh. Add high-quality content to that and your videos will be everywhere. Videos make demonstrations easier, than having to explain everything by text. You can just show it to people. Write a fresh script as a first step, to ensure your video actually makes sense to the viewers. Interaction builds trust in people, as they can see you and hear you clearly. This helps for building a good consumer base.
You don’t essentially have to feature in your videos yourself, in case you are camera shy. You can get artists or other employees to do it as well. Forbes reports that about 6 out of 10 executives would rather watch a video than read text. So make it worth their time.

6. Survey Your Consumers

Before creating a video, survey your consumers so as to judge what exactly what would they prefer to see, and how to extract more information out of them. This will help to build the script. Even better is if you ask them questions that you answer through the medium of videos, as that helps to assure the consumer about your responsibility towards their needs. You can also let them send you videos for a better interaction.
This survey would ensure your videos are able to persuade the consumers to convert, by showing them the videos at the right time and the right place. This will allow you to use more effective conversion techniques, and help you know when to send email campaigns.

So go ahead the use video marketing to flourish your business and lessen your burden. It’s a relatively cheaper and more effective manner of marketing, and its coming-of-age!

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