British Stag Do Havens That You Didn’t Know About

Organising a stag party is no child’s play. It involves taking a lot of serious decisions, that make or break your party. One such decision is choosing the right destination for your stag party.

With stag parties becoming increasingly popular, more destinations are opening their doors to stag groups. While having more choice sounds great, it is usually confusing when you go online looking for destination options are are flooded with literally hundreds of suggestions.

A lot of stag groups are even taking their parties abroad. However, if you or the group has time or budget restrains, there is a lot of fun to be had in The UK itself. Sure, the gun laws are a bit strict, but one should not forget that stag parties are a British tradition, and nobody in the World does it better than us!

If you are planning to keep your next stag party a local affair, and are confused about the right choice of destinations, here are five great places that offer a proper British farewell to singledom:

Those with weak livers, beware, a Sheffield stag party involves dubious amount of alcohol consumption in an unreal amount of time. The locals are known lovers of beer, and keep the party going till they are kicked out of the clubs.

However, Sheffield offers a lot more than just a hangover. With plenty of adventure and exotic pursuits available, Sheffield packs a mean punch of fun and crazy activities. From indoor karting and bungee jumping, to exotic stripclubs and massive bar crawls, Sheffield is truly the perfect stag party playground.


Lined with more bars that the human mind can comprehend, Blackpool is a classic choice for stag groups. Innumerable young men have bid farewell to their single life in this town, and for good reason.

The seaside town may look quaint on the outside, but on the inside, it is a crazy stag party paradise where literally anything goes. Not to forget, the city is so cheap that it gives Eastern Europe a run for its money, literally! To add to the fun, since the city is by the water, there are a ton of exhilarating watersports on the menu, perfect to get your pulse pumping before a night of heavy drinking.

If the boys are looking for a summer stag party, there are no options that trump a Bournemouth stag party. Situated on the Southern coast, the temperatures are a little warmer, and the sun shines bright over Bournemouth, making the town one of the most popular summer stag party destinations in Europe.
Offering the perfect fusion of beachside madness and metropolitan sophistication, Bournemouth offers everything needed for a stag party worth the history books. From exotic erotic experiences, to pulse racing watersports, Bournemouth never disappoints!


Cambridge boasts a rich culture, and is a city with a rich history. If your stag groups consists of men with varied interests, Cambridge is sure to satisfy all kinds of cravings. From all nighter parties to sightseeing opportunities for the culture vultures, Cambridge has something for every kind of stag.

The city offers a number of unique activities that are sure to make any stag party a memorable one. Not to mention, there are a number of historical bars you can visit, like the Eagle, which dates back to the 16th Century!


Going abroad is not a mandatory when it comes to throwing a legendary stag do. The UK boasts a number of great options when it comes to choosing a destination for your stag party.

Where do you plan to take your next stag party?

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