Let These Creative Bow Ties From Quirk Box Turn Your Outfit Into An Artwork

Just to make it clear, when we talk about fashion and style, we do not intend on restricting ourselves to the ladies. We do extend ourselves to talking about you gentlemen, whenever we can and as much as we can. Recently, we spoke about the myriad of fashionable men on Instagram you can take outfit inspiration from who ace style like no other. Today, we want to take this opportunity to talk about the brand that needs no introduction at all – Quirk Box.

We received a glittery bundle full of happiness containing three adorable bow ties from their 2015/16 collection that we at TYS obviously cannot stop gushing about. They arrived in a purple pouch which was kept away in a sealed plastic bag with the nicest message that made us smile.

quirk box bow ties

quirk box


Image courtesy: Quirk Box

Quirk Box is all about innovation, creativity and originality and their products are a testament to what they stand for. Have you ever seen such an adorable Frida Kahlo (below) on a bow tie, before? The great thing about their bow tie collection is that they introduce new designs every few months. And we believe, it is not just their bow tie collection that they reintroduce but all their products. So you’re obviously in for a treat, or a variety of treats, rather.


These androgynous bow ties are fuss-free as you have to pin them on instead of choking yourself to death (read: tying them) and can be worn at any time of the day or night. The thing that we absolutely love about these bow ties is that they are unconventional and at the same time, very versatile. They can be worn for any occasion – be it a work meeting or a wedding. You can check out the rest of their collection here along with some other great products.

Instead of the usual tying at the back process that could turn out to be a potential choking hazard, the pins behind the bow ties are bound to make your life easier. The one problem we did have an encounter with while trying on these bow ties was that we legit had to pierce our Sparrow’s shirt a billion times in order to straighten the bow.


quirk box


Image courtesy: Quirk Box

These bow ties cost about Rs. 150  for a pair. You read that right. They’re adorable, they’re unique, they’re pocket-friendly and the quality is excellent! If this doesn’t make you want to raid their website, then we don’t know what will.

Quirk Box’s collection ‘Madness’ that debuted at Lakme Fashion Week AW’16 is up for sale on their website. Also, they recently launched their own line of pins which can be put onto your denims, your backpacks etc. We’re sure you will love them too.

If you did not know about Quirk Box (you must have been living under a rock all this while), they do not only design bow ties. They have their hands in all sorts of pies. They design dresses, jackets, trousers and so much more for men and women. They also have their own graphic design studio. We think they’re totally chirp-worthy! You can follow them on their social media pages for daily updates. Check out their Instagram feed and Facebook page, if you haven’t already!


Images by Team TYS / Alice S Tigga

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