Creative Corners: Why Do Some People Have Them?

Creative Corners

Prerita Yadav – I live on the 19th floor so the window makes you feel like you are literally living in the sky. The space is very open so you don’t feel constrained and there is a sense of calmness in the room. I often use the room for portrait shoots because of the ample light that cames from the window. So it definitely has to be my place and comfort zone.

Creative Corners

Keya Shah – I am an entrepreneur who makes personalised Doodle based merchandise; and when you have a personal corner that reflects who you are, it becomes just that much easier to work. My doodles adorn the left wall while a large scratch-off travel map fills up most of my space. “I’ve not been everywhere but it’s on my list.” The map is a constant reminder of my dreams. If my identity was a photograph, this one would be it.

Creative Corners

Aashna Sehgal – Gone are the days libraries were places that breeded inspiration, thought novelty, and ideas. Somehow yet, this is the one space where I can work without any pressure. A place of solace somehow; a costa coffee by the side, the hustle bustle of two lovers talking on the floor beneath, pindrop silence on my floor, and the ideas come rushing through. Libraries truly are noble spaces and I wish were capitalised on a lot more than they are currently. You see, when you surround yourself by so much knowledge, it is inevitable to absorb some yourself.

Creative Corners

Aditi – My creative space: a corner. Dressed in color and other languages. (Here, I only have to look up once to be reminded of something that once touched me, is touching me still.) The things I keep around me tug at the poems in me.

Creative Corners

Aishwarya Pillai – It’s my creative corner because I have everything accessible around me and it’s specifically my space so everything is how I want it and where I want it to be and I sit there and look at my previous artwork for inspiration at times. Even though it takes a bit but being in that creative space I slowly get into the mood and get my creative juices flowing.

Creative Corners

Aastha – This is my side of my hostel room. It happens to be the one place where I think and create the most. It’s possible that all the art around me inspires new poems and paintings. But I like to believe that my love for this corner stems from the fact that I created it from scratch.I like to keep everything blue because it makes me feel I’m a part of something bigger, a part of the sky, and that helps me breathe and create things that will eventually inspire more. My creative corner is more cosy than creative. And it’s my favourite place in the whole world because everything here has a part of me within it.

Ask any creative person and they’ll tell you that they have one particular place in their life which sparks their imagination like none other. That’s their creative corner. It could be a section of your bedroom, a whole room in itself, a coffee shop you like visiting or any other place that provides you with peace, creativity and allows them to concentrate on their art. Regardless of which creative field we belong to, we can always use some inspiration to help us along the way, can’t we? Creative corners are a good solution for this.

Having a creative corner can do wonders to an artists’ productivity. There are times when we hit a mental block and are unable to proceed further. This can produce terrible mental anguish and frustration in anyone. But being in an environment like this can act like a catalyst and provide you with the breakthrough you’ve been striving for so long.

It’s a place that stimulates your genius and also allows you to focus on the task at hand, devoid of material distractions. If your creative space is great and familiar, it can literally act as an inspiration for you. But familiar doesn’t mean it should feel homely. If you feel too much at home, then you’ll never get any work done. A delicate balance between comfort and creativity needs to be stuck when designing your creative corner.

While building your creative corner, remember that there are no rules to be followed here. It has to come from within you. If you want a peaceful place, then paint your corner in light shades like white, beige, etc. and keep the décor to a minimum. Add a few plants to make it even more serene. If you like chaos, then make your space chaotic with brilliant shades of red, purple, blue, yellow. Your imagination doesn’t have a limit, so why should your creative corner have one?

If you’ve a creative corner that you’d like to share then post a picture of it on your Instagram account and tag it with #TYSpaces.



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