Employee Engagement – 5 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Staff

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It is no secret that an engaged employee is more present in the workplace, more efficient and more loyal to their company. As the leader of a team, one of your key responsibilities is to cultivate high levels of engagement, while making sure that the day to day operations are on track. Looking for some fresh ideas to ensure your staff is happy and excited to come into the office each day? We have some suggestions:

Put the Right Foot Forward with Outstanding Onboarding
Employee onboarding is an essential step to creating engaged and motivated employees. Despite its importance, most company’s onboarding processes leave a lot to be desired. To make sure that you put the right foot forward, make your new staff member feel welcome from the outset.

A pre-first day phone call or email can calm their nerves and allow them to ask any questions they need to. Consider a welcome pack on their desk with some branded corporate gifts. Most importantly, make sure that their first week is well planned with a variety of tasks, face-to-face meetings, and an element of fun, rather than a mountain of paperwork and reading. This is your opportunity to integrate new staff members into the company culture and give them the skills and knowledge to contribute effectively in their role, so make the most of it!

Connect with the Company Mission and Values
Many businesses struggle to communicate their company mission, values, and core initiatives effectively to all departments and levels within the organization. People are more motivated when they feel that their work serves a purpose. Find ways to show how your teams work is contributing to the company’s top line strategy and consider how you can better live out the core values.

Empower People
No one likes a micromanager. An effective leader trains their team thoroughly, delegates work and empowers people to take responsibility for their deliverables. If you are struggling with staff who aren’t accountable for their workload, fail to meet deadlines, and lack enthusiasm, try reflecting on your management style and thinking about whether you make any changes to encourage staff to be more independent. This simple change may well lead to higher participation and accountability.

Bonding Outside the Meeting Room
Connecting with your staff members as people as well as employees can go a long way to creating positive working relationships. Try organizing an off-site team lunch once a month, or a fun teambuilding activity like laser tag to get people laughing and having a good time together. This often leads to improved communication in the office as people are more likely to engage in one-on-one conversations, stop by a colleague’s desk to talk through an issue or offer to support a team member on a project when it is someone that they know. You will find that when you bond outside the office, it makes for a happier workplace.

Reward Hard Work and Achievement
Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work, so make sure that you acknowledge and celebrate achievements. This may be through a promotion or pay rise, or by mentioning their work in a team meeting, or even a personal email or word in the corridor to show that you notice and appreciate them and what they are doing. Some sales-based companies will have a big bell in the middle of the office that they ring when someone closes a major deal. Whatever your method, acknowledgment, and appreciation go a long way to maximizing employee engagement.

A motivated, engaged team is a massive asset to any company, so invest the time to ensure your staff is happy, and you will see the dividends.

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