10 Creative Ways To Replace Your High Heels With Comfortable Fashion Footwear

Take off your stilettos, stretch out your toes, unwind and relax! You won’t be needing that uncomfortable pair of heels that make your knees hurt at that hour long presentation. You can probably dance like you mean it at those parties too! The industry has started to churn out loads of cosy fashion footwear that doesn’t need you to play your balancing act for hours on end just for the sake of being well dressed.

Not only are these alternatives waaaay more comfortable, but they’re trendy and the perfect blend of casual and formal for versatility. Here’s what you could be adding to your collection while making your style that much more effortless!

1.Fancy Lace Ups

Lace up gladiators have been around for quite a while but they have never been presented with splashes of colour and fun before, now, have they?! The new designs have allowed the lace up to graduate from their classic monochrome looks to a more diverse set of occasions that they can be worn at.




This pair made by Mia Reanna can be found at Lulu’s and you can browse more variations at Etsy.

2. Kwerky Kohlapuris

Our desi kohlapuris have been given a modern twist by designers that make them fit right into any lookbook they’d want to be a part of. Tijori is a very valuable online resource when it comes to offering a wide range of variations of our classic!




Visit Tijori to view many more!

3. Brogues and Oxfords

An easy way to transition from a brunch to an afternoon meeting to an evening out with friends would be walking in a pair of brogues that speak volumes for themselves. Another twist on a classic, brogues can dress up any pair of pants and simmer down any formal dress. These wardrobe staples are a must have for someone who’s always on the go.


These lovely silver ones can be found here.

4. Jelly Shoes!

Jelly shoes are a recycled trend taking us back to the 90’s when all we worried about was eating Cheetos and drinking Tang for breakfast. Though our worries have changed this design is eternal and back in the market to comfort the nostalgic and tired.

kyramultiglitterlr1 reillyblackglitter2


Head over to Juju or Etsy for an authentic 90’s kid time-machine experience.

5. Bedazzled Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are our go-to when we don’t know what the hell to wear with our denims or our sundresses but we never realized that just but turning the sophistication up a notch, our household ‘bellies’ can pass off as classy!




And yes, they are also considered bridal when dotted with Swarovski crystals so you don’t have to worry about falling flat on your wedding day if you plan to have one.

Pictured flats can be found here, here and also, here!

7. Juttis All The Way

Another traditional form turned into a modern luxury, elegant juttis are quite the all-rounder when it comes to pairing with outfits and functionality. Juttichoo are doing it especially right when it comes to crafting a perfect pair that you can wear literally anywhere!

018-600x600 pearl-roses-light-pink-600x600

Find your favourite juttis at Juttichoo.

8. Sandals and Slip-ons Galore

The most underrated style there is – sandals come in all shapes and sizes and honestly, never go wrong with them. You just need to find the most comfortable fit and you’re good to go.

solc4m031603-a original3-1700328-4


The best part about sandals is that they are very easily sourced and can be found anywhere – from the corners of the streets to the most high end brand stores.

Featured sandals and slip-ons can be found here and here and probably everywhere they sell shoes!

10. NIKES?!

Oh yes, Nikes! About a year ago, Nike released their Air Force 1 iD Iridescent. With neon tints and gradients that reflect every quantum of light, this is a shoe that really lets you stand out. If you’re the kind of person who just doesn’t do fancy footwear but is still all about making a statement, these shoes are for you because let us face it, if you’re bold enough to try it, you’re great enough to keep it on.



This eye-catching piece can be found here.

At the end of the day, it’s what you think looks interesting and what you would want to wear again and again. Shopping wisely and shopping without social pressures is the best way to find something you’re comfortable and confident wearing.

So stay comfy and stay stylish!

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