4 Artists Who Make Creepy Art Worth Admiring

The most valuable possession an artist holds is vision. The power to anticipate, conceive and incorporate an idea into art is what renders them surpassing and wondrous. With the subject diversified into numerous sub-branches, this world serves as a breeding ground for various weavers of this influential abstraction. Some paint the turmoil of human beings while other shape sand along the beaches to replicate the wonders of the world. Although the dish varies, the ingredients remain intact around the same idea of artistry and finesse. Diversity invites possibilities which in turn make art, a holder to varied subtle motives. All that makes it very unlikely to feel surprised about the art that is creep and perpetually exists.

Here is a listicle creepy art that is surely an eye-opener:

Patricia Piccinini

Piccinini’s sculptures move about sundry ideas and artwork. But this Australian native mostly forms art that is uncomfortable to settle your eyes on. There are works like “Undivided”, which shows a humanoid with back plates and baby animals emerging from its back cuddling a human child. The strange representation with its elements, probably, depicts the ravaging of a child’s quietude and innocence which makes it all the more unsettling.




Picture Courtesy- Patricia Piccinini

2. Mark Powell

Powell’s Melbourne pieces are some truly disturbing works. His 2012 show of “miniature environments where imaginary beings evolve, devolve, consume, excrete, multiply and decay” is a perturbing display of art. The creatures are devised in a way which blends with the unusual backdrop in a manner that is apprehensive for both, the subjects of the art and the clientele.


Picture Courtesy- Mark Powell

3. Keith Thompson

More than a fine artist, Keith Thompson is a commercial craftsman. Incorporating his ideas into monster-design work, he owns a peculiar set of creations that seem to tweak the simplicity out of them. His work has the polish and technique which oozes out of his portraits built upon mysterious and unearthly subjects.


Picture Credits- Keith Thompson

4. Zddislaw Beksinski

This Polish painter, born in 1929, spent decades creating spooky images of fantasy realism until his spine-chilling murder in 2005. His most celebrated period which included highly detailed images that he described as taking pictures of his dreams was from the 1960s to the 1980s.



Picture Courtesy- Zddislaw Beksinski

5. Dariusz Zawadzki

Born in 1958, Zawadzki continues the Bekinski’s tradition of frightening the realms of fantasy. In spite of holding great textures and strange beauty in his work, Dariusz was told by a teacher that he did not have the traits of a painter. Hard to believe, right? Zawadzki paintings, though sickening, have various engrossing elements attached to them which confirm a firm gripping over its audience.


Picture Courtesy- Zddislaw Beksinski

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