6 iPhone Photographers Whose Works Will Leave You Stunned

iPhone Photography

There’s no denying it, Apple is a world in itself. It dominates the world.The apple logo attracts more attention than anything else today. The vision of the late Apple Founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, of Apple products helping to change the world, has been realized to a great extent. With the invention of iPhone, iPad and now even an Apple Smartwatch and an Apple TV, this goal doesn’t seem like a dream anymore.

The iPhone, to be truthful can be termed as the greatest gift given by Jobs to humankind by some (just think about it). Be it, the smooth interface or its flawless camera, iPhone has revolutionized the way we connect with the rest of the world. And for people like us, to whom art is worship and photography is life, iPhone’s camera is our very own paradise. And then there are those around the world who don’t just sit around and praise it like some people (see us), they create the paradise.

Today, we bring to you, 6 iPhone photographers who are using their iPhones to create the some of the most stunning photographs you’ll ever see.

1. Focus On Nature

Undeniable is the fact that nature holds unfathomable beauty, waiting to be captured. Kaisa and Stanley Breeden of Queensland, Australia, use nature as their canvas. They have perfected the craft of ‘focus photography’ and thus use their iPhones to create the most stunning photographs, capturing even the smallest of details perfectly.

K&S Breeden

K&S Breeden

Images Courtesy: stanleybreeden.com

To see more of their work, visit their website.

2. Portraits Of Myself

It is about catching every day moments which fail to be expressed adequately by words…

…says Klaudia Cechini, a Polish photographer, who uses her iPhone to capture photographs of herself almost everyday. These photographs, clear or haphazard, aim to express her emotions and deepest thoughts, without even saying a word. Her aim is to help the viewers reflect upon their own emotions when they see her self-portraits.

Klaudia Cechini

Klaudia Cechini

Klaudia Cechini

 Images Courtesy: flickr

3. The “Art” In Architecture

Dan Cole is a Seattle based photographer who is not a newbie to iPhone photography. Proof? He presently has over 450K followers on Instagram. Cole admits that he has always been fascinated by the beauty of architecture. Be it the details or the larger than life aspect of the buildings we see towering above us, Cole captures the beauty that these human creations hold. Architecture, according to him, is not simple, but instead, a stunning art form.

Dan Cole

Dan Cole

Dan Cole

Images Courtesy: pinterest

Follow Cole on Instagram and Twitter for more!

4. Finding Stories In Photographs

“Every picture tells a story.” We’ve heard this saying a thousand times over. AikBeng Chia actually believes in exploring and telling stories through photographs. She creates documentaries and uses her iPhone to capture stories, memories and experiences of people she meets while travelling across Singapore. Also, she points out that an iPhone helps people to be at ease with her, instead of the huge lens of a DSLR pointing at them all the time.

AikBeng Chia

AikBeng Chia

 Images Courtesy: aikbengchia.com

5. Looking Closer

Jim Darling uses his iPhone to create portraits of people he meets randomly.

I love the spontaneity and the quick relationship that exists between me and the subject.

He focuses on his subject’s face and captures details – the expressions, the fine lines, the eyes, all which tell a different story altogether.

jim darling

jim darling

 Images Courtesy: jimdarlingphoto.com

6. The Land Of Landscapes

The master of landscape photography, Robert-Paul Jansen is a Dutch photographer who creates no less than absolutely magical photographs with his iPhone. His muse? The area around his countryside home in Gemonde. We’d like to point out that all of his photographs are so stunning that they seem unreal (thus, he’s our favorite of the lot).

The camera I always have in my pocket has shown me more small miracles, more tiny details, than I ever thought possible.


Robert-Paul Jansen

Robert-Paul Jansen

Robert-Paul Jansen

 Images Courtesy: byjansen.com

Visit Jansen’s website for more of his stunning clicks!

As proved above, the land of iPhone photography is a magical one, to be honest. The flawless camera makes every click a perfect one. But here we’d like to remind you, even if you do not have an iPhone, let that be no reason to stop you from exploring and capturing the wonders that exist around us (although having an iPhone will help in capturing the details better… and better picture quality… and clarity… you know what we mean!)


Featured Image Courtesy: stanleybreeden.com

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