Dhobi Ghat, Vipul Prasad’s Latest Photography Series, Captures the Life and Beauty of Mumbai

When Indian photographer Vipul Prasad picked up a camera for the first time six years ago, he couldn’t put it down till date. In his latest series INSIDE, which focuses on the charm of some of Mumbai’s old-school establishments, Dhobi Ghat, Vipul Prasad captured the essence of these places in the most aesthetic and appealing way by infusing beautiful colours and interesting details, capturing natural emotions and unfolding narratives to tell a unique story. Unraveling a different world beyond the laundry mayhem, he observed the lifestyle of the dhobis, the environment they worked in, the way they went through their day; raising children to washing clothes, working hard. Through his series, Prasad’s choice of soft tones and edits give an ethereal sense to a space that every Mumbaikar knows of, but rarely experiences. Still, little details of life and love within its walls capture the kind of honesty that no photo narrative worth seeing is bereft of.







Image Courtesy: Behance

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