Artist/Photographer Paperboyo Uses Paper Cutouts For A Creative Take On Architecture

London Eye

Sitting under a clear, cloudy sky and watching the sky turning alive while creamy clouds take shapes of your desire.

That sounds so old school! And yes, old school is classy and evergreen, but this artist, Rich McCor, or Paperboyo as he calls himself, has a cool, contemporary alternative to that. McCor/Paperboyo goes exploring with his camera, and a unique perspective. He uses paper cut-outs and this perspective to shape the landscape into totally different hues. His photos embrace the fun, creative, and novel part of the regular old bodies of architecture.


Champs d’Elysses


Big Ben

His first ever experiment with this geeky photography was with the Big Ben, officially known as the Elizabeth Tower, in Westminster, London. His idea was to use the Clock Tower as a watch dial. Paperboyo used paper cut-outs to frame the clock and… ta-dah! Have you ever seen the Big Ben as a wrist watch? That’s what he did to it!

Paperboyo dons a perspective that emerges from minimalistic photography. His pictures are a combination of his sharp mind and a quirky perspective which he manages to capture physically in his photographs.

Paperboyo? More Like Waterboyo

Paperboyo Paperboyo

The sparkling water that backdrops the so-in-love couple and tasting champagne by the London Bridge–ever thought of such a regular scene in the midst of these fun, happy vibes? That’s what makes Paperboyo different. The best part is that the quirkiness he imagines materialises so brilliantly in his work. McCoy’s work can aptly inspire you to work against the gap that stands between the imagined and the reality of your works.

Magic in Art

Paperboyo Paperboyo

Does his work remind you of the magical Disney film ‘Up’? Do you see the precision in the way the strings rise up from the paper house? His work is that incredible, and his passion is visible in these photos. He was inspired to continue his work when a father-daughter duo responded enthusiastically to his first (Big Ben) photograph as he was clicking it. And we’re inspired by his amazing precision in recreating the film ‘Up!’

Bokeh Alert!



What’s more, he even captures the Christmas holiness and spirit in his work, too. The Christmas lights that turn into bokeh in the background, the sledge sliding and Christmas carols’ echoes that encase these pictures are holy and beautiful.

Of Bridges and ‘Coasters


Hakuna Matata


His Disney-inspired works are just adorable! You see how fun life seems when you see it from the perspective other than the one you are given? Let’s change glasses (perspectives) and see life as the way we want to!

For more from Paperboyo, check out his Instagram.

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