Here’s How Bordalo II Is Slowly Transforming Lisbon with his Unique Street Art

If you are in the mood for some funky and innovative street art, you have come to the right place. Portugese based artist Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo II took upon itself to solve the persistant global issue of  increasing garbage and solid waste, as he took the trash from the roads of Lisbon and transformed it into something mind-blowing. This vibrant artist has coated the streets of Lisbon with beautiful, multi-coloured creatures made out of scrap materials that he picked out of the garbage. Artur Bordalo collects burnt aluminium cans, old tires, computer parts, scrap wood and neglected appliances, almost anything he can get his hands on from the waste-lands, abandoned factories and, well, filthy places around town and then uses a unique technique by combining sculpting and the process of collage-making and then painting, providing urban art with a whole a new dimension. Apart from spreading awareness, Bordalo has also added exotic colours to the otherwise mundane streets of Lisbon!







Image Courtesy: Street Art News

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