5 Creative Takes On Pet Fashion That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

Today, with reference to pet fashion, the concept of clothing itself has transcended across species and families and is now available for our furry friends who unlike us, do not need to worry about what’s “in season” because their humans have got it all covered for them.

Fashion designed for our pets is probably the most creative and playful ways to interact with your pet (as long as your pet mutually agrees, of course!). People have finally found ways to play dress up without putting their pets in uncomfortable situations thanks to development and research in the pet fashion field.

Now enough of the dramatic monologue. Let’s take a look at what’s new in pet boutiques all over the world.

Here are some fun ideas other than our average t-shirt that a fashion-curious pet can explore!

1. Ad-aw-rable Accessories

Who ever said that sunglasses were designed to block the sunlight and make humans look cool were only half right! They were meant to protect your beautiful baby’s eyes and also so that you could take pictures of them and post them online. Ha!


 Image courtesy : index
orange-sunglassesImage courtesy : snappypixels

Find some sweet sunglasses here.

Or maybe you could put a hat on their head because, hell, they have no idea about how silly they look!

il_570xn-597015552_bp1bImage courtesy : Etsy
Image courtesy : Etsy

Find these and more hats on Etsy.

Or we could get classy and suit up with a bandanna/bow! Just make sure there is enough breathing room for your furry friends because you don’t want to choke them.


Image courtesy : dogtipper


 Image courtesy :Etsy

Get some bows and bandanas here and here.

2. Swimsuits?!

Yes, canine and feline swimwear is a thing and yes, we love it!


Image courtesy : Etsy 
phbn_l__47775-1464028220-1280-1280Image courtesy : funnyfur

Grab one of these adorable swimmies here or here!

3. W-Aww-rm Sweaters

Sometimes, when your pet needs that extra coverage for when it’s fur-eezing, a blanket is too much of a hassle. So investing in a good sweater would help you and your pet move around better and make them look like an actor off of a 90’s film. So cute, so nostalgic!


Image courtesy : Headsupovertails
jaxskullcrossbones3__35216-1467824928-500-750Image courtesy : poochieheaven



Image courtesy : dogpetboutique

Find some of the most snuggly ones here.

3. Halloween Costumes

Let’s face it, we love Halloween and would make any excuse to be whatever we want to be. So why shouldn’t our pets be a part of the paw-rty?!  This one’s for when your precious thinks it is every other animal and thing on the planet… ever.

buzzing-bee-dog-costume-cx-68276-1 download-3Images courtesy : partycity
lobster-cat-halloween-costume-pngImage courtesy : business2community
download-4Image courtesy : partycity

4. Booties

Because they’ll protect your pet’s cute paws from snow and heated up roads… and also because they look cute as hell!

800px-san_francisco_pride_parade_2012_dog_with_shoesImage courtesy : file
trail-trackers-dog-bootsImage courtesy : doggles

Get the most comfortable ones here.

The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is listen to your pet and think about what makes them happy and you’ll never be bored for a day. Choose clothes wisely and make sure you take a billion pictures and let the world know how cute and fabulous your pet is!

P.S. Do anything, do everything. Just do not dress your friend up as a minion.

P.P.S. Apologies for the horrible paw puns (or should I say paw-ns?… I’ll see myself out).

Feature image courtesy : truecarnivore

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