4 Harry Potter Inspired Makeup Looks You Can Wear Everyday

Hurry up! Hold on to your Nimbus 2000 cause we’re about to Quidditch our way through the Marauder’s Map. Let’s take it with the spells and charms cast with a swish, a flick and the right incantations (Potterheads will know). We are your guide to the locker rooms of the several houses. Hold on tight as we unveil this chamber of secrets of the best Harry Potter inspired makeup looks in town. The best part? These are everyday-friendly so you can wear them without looking like you’re cosplaying!

1. Gryffindor

Now who are the Gryffindors?

The fiery and  glorious, with the thirst to learn more and their tendency to leap before they look,

the ones who want the fight to be a fair one

are the Gryffindors who reach for the burning sun.

The house traits being daring and bold,

the shades of the house are Red and Gold.

Pick up that brush (not the broom) and bend it like Linsey Otto. Notice how she carefully selects shades of yellow, which depicts fiery, gold depicting glorious and burgundy to depict the scorching flame of House Gryffindor. The look is enhanced by using the color black to emphasize the boldness of the house.


Put on that Gryffindor scarf and watch the video here to learn more.

 2. Slytherin

As Albus Dumbledore rightly points out, “they have a certain disregard for the rules”.

Going a little offbeat, the tints of the house are Silver and Green,

Parseltongue and loyalty they’ve got real clean.

Darkness, water, mystery and potions in their fate,

Anything involving a hex or jinx is solely a Slytherin trait.

Watch Youtuber Klairedely’s Art Aparecium as she shares the ingredients behind the dark side of the moon associated with the house of Slytherin. The sassiest of the houses, use icy dark hues to highlight their features. Contrary to Gryffindor, they use metallic colors to emphasize the boldness of the house. Hold on to the Horcrux and look at how it’s done.


Watch the video here.

3. Hufflepuff

This house is tinged in black and yellow,

A little gentle and mostly mellow.

House of decency, kindness, humble and just,

These traits in Hufflepuff are a must.

AbcentusItemus! Linsey Otto strikes again with another (witch)craft tutorial. She chooses yellow as the predominant base color of the house as it associates with the element- Earth. She also enhances the other features with the use of the black.


Watch how she masters the look here.

4. Ravenclaw

A synthesis of bronze and blue,

A house made of wisdom, true.

Knowledge for knowledge is what they seek,

Ravenclaw is indeed more than a clique.

Klairedelys Art uses subtle tones to highlight the characteristics of this house. With a tinge of serenity and a little bit of creativity, watch how she paints the house in the tincture of the element- Air.

Watch the video here.

There! That’s how it’s ‘sorted’. Take your love for all things Potter with you everywhere with these stunning looks!

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