Mad Men, GoT, Sherlock & More: Home Decor Inspiration From Your Favourite TV Shows


At some point in time, we all have looked at the amazing on-air TV homes and workplaces that our beloved characters dwell in and wished we could replace them. Who has not wished to grab a cuppa joe at Central Perk and snuggle into ‘The Orange Couch’ or visit the lavish Red Keep in King’s landing? And visiting 221B, Baker Street has been a dream for most of us all our lives! Life is not a wish-granting factory, however, if we try hard enough, we can achieve the impossible at times. So here we are with a few ideas for home decor inspiration that could help you revamp your den into the favourite places from your beloved TV series.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The Orange Couch

It has to be there, right? So we thought it’s a good idea to club it with elements from Monica’s apartments like light scones, open shelves and mismatched armchairs and dining chairs. Painting the walls purple is a choice you can make for yourself (or not?).

Friends Monica's Living room inspired decor


Monica’s Pink Bedroom

Also, who can forget the beautiful blush pink bedroom that Monica had? She was definitely ahead of her time when it comes to colour choices, as Rose Quartz is the Pantone Colour Of The Year 2016. We picked this modern take on her room, complete with some flower inspired light fixtures that should compensate for the lack of floral bedding that she always seemed to favour. Isn’t this a peek into decidedly one of our favourite TV Homes?

Friends Monica's bedroom inspired decor


Chandler and Joey’s Bachelor Pad

And it would be a sin to forget Chandler and Joey’s Bachelor Pad. If they were to redo their apartment today, it would be sleek, and as manly as possible with darker colours and some sleek steel. Their cumbersome Lazyboy chairs would get replaced by beauties like these sleek ones and a huge LED TV would sit next to a shelf that Joey did not mess up this time. A Boy’s TV Home inspiration done just right!

Friends Joey and Chandler's appartment


2. Game of Thrones

Winterfell Bedrooms

Seeing the current mood of the series, it would be apt to follow décor inspiration followed by the ‘King in the North’ and our beloved House Stark, especially now that Winter is here. Grey tones made luxurious by furry rugs, some great bedding, patterned wallpaper and drapes. Maybe you can even sneakily fit in the Direwolf Sigil or add a sneaky little wolf next to your bed or up on a shelf?

Game of Thrones inspired bedroom


The Woods of Westeros

The show is literally about extraordinarily ornate interiors, but that would be an obvious choice? Right? So instead here is a braver and more minimalist approach. For the brave-hearted, here is a light that will transform your room into the deep woods that our beloved characters often travel on as their journey progresses. Simple, yet effective for sure.

Game of Thrones inspired lighting


The Iron Throne

The show can get too serious for sure, plus if you go around saying that you wish to be seated on the Iron Throne one day, you might end up in a not so nice institution for the deranged. So might as well get your own Iron Throne and get a good laugh out of it. Imagine being able to start your day on The Throne each morning!

Game of Thrones inspired bathroom


3. Mad Men

Don Draper’s Office

Now we definitely could do with some retro inspiration. And Mad Men is definitely a great source of inspiration for the Swinging 60’s. Warm tones, retro looking furniture and some great amount of wooden detailing can make any place reminiscent of Don Draper’s office! The key to this set up is the warm tones and the furniture; if you get that right, you are halfway there.

Mad Men inspired living room


If bright tones and overpowering elements aren’t your things, then you can always tweak it with a minimal twist and bring the entire focus on the retro furniture that you have. However, the little elements like the lamp can make or break the vintage feeling that you want to have. Artworks can also give the vibe that Don’s Office gave with its modern art pieces that not only broke the monotony of the colour scheme but also added to the entire 60’s vibe.

Mad Men inspired decor


The most prominent thing one notices is the wooden panelled walls. This is one tricky trend to follow as it can make a space look much smaller than it actually is. However, the right amount of panelling and furniture can make it look more retro and luxurious than cramped. Also, colour scheme and lighting help a great deal and are very important factors in making the room look spacious and airy.

Mad Men inspired bedroom


4. Stranger Things

This show has surely taken the world by storm and even though it is powerful enough to haunt your dreams, it still has great décor potential (in a non-creepy way, of course!). The prettiest part is the ceiling done up with the colourful fairy lights, even though that is not exactly what you feel when you are watching the show. Get some help or go the DIY way to fix some fairy lights of your own and turn any area into a permanently magical space.

Stranger Things fairy lights


Yes, the show has some creepy alphabets on the walls and lights that well, serve a purpose (Not giving any spoilers). You obviously don’t want the creepy part but can always have inspiring messages of your own up on the wall, like this very cute and inspiring message for a baby in a nursery. Obviously, the baby can’t read it but the vibes that it gives out help.

Stranger Things inspired decor


Joyce’s House

Joyce’s house has a really pretty and retro-looking floral wallpaper. Similar prints can easily be used to give a vintage and retro vibe to almost any space. Be it in the form of wallpaper or even some statement curtains that sit beautifully well with some polished wooden furniture. Cozy, comfortable and definitely not unnerving like the show!

Stranger Things inspired living room


5. Sherlock

Living Room at 221B, Baker Street

One of the most iconic apartments for movie lovers, serial lovers and bibliophiles alike, 221B, Baker Street could not be missed out of this list. The series tends to have really dark tones and a classic English décor in place for the apartment. And what can be more English than some beautiful patterned wallpaper from Morris & Co. (or anything similar if you cannot afford that.) Pick simpler patterns for the furniture or pick them in block colours with polished wooden finishes to match the mood. Find some vintage showpieces to complete the setting.

Sherlock inspired decor


Everyone knows how our favourite detective has books lined up on open shelves. You can easily do the same in your living area or even the study. Have ornate quilted chairs to match the shelves with an equally ornate table. It will always be best to have your books hardbound in leather (at least some, if not all) to give the complete feel. Patterned wallpaper may not be our go-to choice with so much happening, so one can go with subtly textured walls.

Sherlock inspired study/office decor


The Fireplace at 221B

The most prominent element of Sherlock’s apartment is the fireplace. It is a no-nonsense yet classic design and adds a pure English charm to the room. With the right colours and décor, you can add an entirely different allure to your living room with a beautiful fireplace. Add some crystal chandeliers for a more royal look and add some exquisite rugs or carpets on the floor as a finishing touch.

Sherlock inspired living room and fireplace


So get going! Look out for some Pinterest DIY hacks that will help you with these dream interiors or for some more inspirations like these. These will not only make you a happier person, but also make your friends and family like you better (if they don’t already).

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