IDAMKnits: The Cutest Cushion Collection In Town


Are your boyfriend’s/brother’s stolen T-shirts and hoodies your guilty pleasure?

Do you love coming home from a long hard day and sink your head into the softest pillows you could find, cuddle up with your comforters and sleep?

Are you also someone who loves to do up their spaces with quirky prints, cute motifs and colourful shade?

Well then IDAMKnits is just what you were waiting for!


Last year Nayanika & Gazal  launched their brand IDAM stealing our hearts and making their way into our homes. Now, an year after its inception, this creative print and surface design studio has introduced its newest enterprise IDAMKnits and launched SUMMER MURMUR, their line of innovative home linen.

Made from jersey fabrics, their collection of cushions is a new step into the home collections, which has never been played with in the Indian market.  And the best part? They make you feel like you’re snuggled into a sweatshirt or those really super comfy cotton T-shirts that you keep specifically to sleep in.  Each product comes with a unique story behind it and careful love and attention to detail, furthering their on point in-the-present design aesthetics.

Idam Cushions

Pieces from IDAMKnit’s SUMMER MURMUR collection come in the widest variety of colours and the cutest hand illustrated prints and patterns that would not only draw you into them for the comfort factor but also ensure your rooms look bright, happy and quirky in one smooth move!

What are our favourite prints you ask? We mostly can’t decide, but these ice-cream cushions do totally steal our hearts and the Watermelons come a super close second.

BeFunky Collage2

Even better news? You can source complete sets which basically translate into you never wanting to get out of bed!

BeFunky Collage


Considering the items come with a sustainable and responsible design, using 100% original fabrics, there is nothing that the SUMMER MURMUR Collection falls short on.

The only drawback we see here? We’re never getting to college or office on time because of these cosy snuggly pieces!

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