In Conversation With : Olena Mysnky

Olena Mysnky

Tired of forgetting what page you left off you novel on? Imagine the thrill of reading a book where tiny little legs of the characters in the novel, stick out in a desperate bid to escape from their world and help you remember just where you left the story at!

That’s exactly what Olena Mysnky, an architect by education and an entrepreneur and creator by avocation, achieves through her creative bookmark series, making it look like someone (or something) is stuck between the pages of your favorite book. Mysnky, who is based in Kiev, Ukraine, runs a popular shop on Esty called Mybookmarks along with looking after and documenting the antics of  her one year old daughter Anastasia and her bobcat Maine Coon.

Olena with her daughter

Olena with her daughter

An avid travel, she’s always up for something new and strange which is perhaps how Mybookmarks came into existence. Read on to learn about her inspirations, why she loves to be unusual, her beliefs and what motivates her!

What made you come up with the idea of such crazy bookmarks? Did you have any inspirations?

My main inspiration is creating a mood, it’s not just about making bookmarks. No matter what I do, be it creating a new product, organizing a party, or designing a collection of jewelry, I do it only when I see that my work creates a mood! And these crazy bookmarks are super successful in that. That’s why I love them.

How easy was it to tap into a market for bookmarks?

I believe that a niche of unique products is always free. We are not selling the bookmarks, we sell fun, joy, we sell best gifts for a book-worms, topic-starters, bright moments, unique items, not just bookmarks, we sell a mood.

Which is one of your favorite pieces in the collection and why?

My favorite is hot bookmark in Louboutins. Mostly my creations are neutral, that will be liked by most people, but this one is about me, about being bright and provocative…. and hot.

Louboutin shoes bookmark

Louboutin shoes bookmark

When did you realize that these bookmarks would actually go viral?

From the first moment! When I saw a reaction of my friends on my first prototype! It cannot be explained. What I saw in their eyes pushes me to start making these bookmarks craziness.

There's No place Like Home Bookmaks

There’s No place Like Home Bookmarks

As a child, which were the stories or novels that fascinated you? Do they feature in your work too?

When I was a child, most of all I was impressed by a fairytales by my father. He used to speak off the cuff. I have grown up with him telling me fascinating stories about well-known heroes, such as my kitten , or the neighbor’s dogs. I think this played important role in evolution of my creativity! And besides my dad’s stories I loved Alice in Wonderland.

What did you want to grow up to become? Did you always know about your inclination towards art?

Yes. I always knew that my work would have huge elements of art and creativity! Since I remember myself, I have always loved to create. I always was sewing the dresses for my kittens (poor animals , I was a child and did not realize that they did not like that), sculpting, woodworking,  drawing, making a jewelry out of copper wire that I found in my father’s garage, making sculptures out of metal trash.

When I was 16 my dad let me design a metal fence for an art school. It was my first big real work. After I learned architecture I understood that I’m not an architect. That’s because of my husband. I realized that I’ll never be so good as he is in this profession and I’m not used to be an ordinary, and so I started a jewelry brand.

Parts of numerous bookmarks!

Parts of numerous bookmarks!

What were your family’s initial reactions to your idea?

They have become used to my experiments 🙂 And I’m who I am all thanks’ to them. My parents are entrepreneurs, my hubby an artistic person and owner of the best architectural studio in Ukraine. Its only my little girl does not like when I work. That’s why I answer these questions while she is sleeping.

Did you have any mentors?

My husband! He is a well known architect in Ukraine and he is very artistic person! I learn a lot when I see how he works! And I have a spiritual guru who helps me to grow in all directions.

Tell us about your quirks, or where/ what you tap in for your ideas

I’m a lazy person and cannot do something I don’t like. But when I love something no one will stop me. I love marketing even more than designing a new items, It’s all about creativity and experiments. A quirk? Well, I despise pants; all I ever wear are skirts and dresses!

While you work, what is something that you really focus on?

On increasing a level of happiness in our world!

Set of Two Bear Feet Bookmarks

Set of Two Bear Feet Bookmarks

Olena Mysky making her bookmarks

Olena Mysky making her bookmarks

What is the best feedback you have gotten on your work?

Once my friend sent me a photo, he took during his travel in Austria. He shot a girl reading a book with our bookmark. It was a proud moment!

Have you ever had any strange orders?

We have a bookmarks, called “Dead” with a tag on it’s toe. Sometimes customers ask to personalize it with their name or name of a friend..

What are you planning for the future?

Firstly to make the bookmarks super-popular, and go on inventing new products.

 Any more advice to all your budding creative entrepreneurs/artists out there?

Do what you love and love what you do.

Never stop learning! I love to watch my little girl growing. Every day she learns so much! It reminds me not to relax.

Give up being with people who does not understand/motivate/ support/push you forward!




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