Here’s How Isabell Kiefhaber Turns Mundane Stories Into Resin Rings

German artist Isabell Kiefhaber, a woman of varying interests ranging from design to precision and working with hands to unique jewellery has combined these passions to create an unusual collection of rings. Made in resin, each rings depicts a different little secret scenario. We are surrounded by people, each with their own unique stories and little accounts. Kiefhaber, with her resin rings has made it possible for us to observe these mundane stories in jewellery and wear them on our fingers! One contains a man skiing. Another has a couple playing tennis. There’s even one of two people cuddling together on a bench. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can simply have a herd of sheep on your finger or even gourmet pastries displayed on a pale pink tablecloth.

Isabell Kiefhaber


Isabell Kiefhaber ringsIsabell Kiefhaber rings

Isabell Kiefhaber rings

Isabell Kiefhaber rings

 Image Courtesy: Fubiz

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