Shop Exquisite Indian Heritage At The Mughal Paradise in Delhi You Didn’t Know About

mughal jewels

Running for three generations now, the Mughal Jewels & Crafts Emporium is currently owned by Mr Satyen Thadani, who is running the shop that trades, imports and exports artefacts of the incredibly diverse Indian heritage. Mughal Jewels was opened in 1991, under the Safdarjung Flyover, South Delhi, but had its roots in Connaught Place since back in 1967. Around 47 years of this ancestral business of art and craft has evolved over time to cater to the needs of the present.


Mughal Jewels houses genuine quality and certified goods, like pashmina shawls, carpets, artefacts, papiermâché, clothes from Kashmir, paintings and ethnic jewellery in diamond, gold and silver from Jaipur, Sandalwood and artefacts from South India, indigenous saris and silk from Banaras, traditional wall hangings and tapestries with gems wire work handcrafted by the women of Gujarat, and more. They also have tribal handicrafts from villages in Gujarat, and Rajasthan.


It usually supplies its crafts to embassies in Delhi. Foreigners and international visitors from various embassies drop in to this little shop hidden under the eventful flyover. It does not have too many visitors, therefore, but when tourists enter the emporium,

it’s a synopsis of Indian culture, a Mini-India showcasing the flavours of all states,

as the owner claims.

They also sell souvenirs like plates, coasters and many more to let the customer leave with the sweet memories of the golden age in India. They sell crafts at various, reasonable prices. With specialised staff fluent in most of the major international languages, they have no trouble bridging the communication gap with foreign clients and customers.


Their opening hours are from 10:00AM till 6:00PM.

Check out their official website for further information or to contact them for queries.

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