Here’s Why The Sleepy Owl Cold Brews Are Every Coffee-Lover’s Dream Come True

Sleepy Owl Cold Brews

This week, we decided to take a break from stationery and indulge in another one of our guilty pleasures—coffee! This is not just any coffee, mind you, it’s super smooth and cold brewed, brought to you by our fellow creative avian, Sleepy Owl. Team TYS had a chance to experience their brews recently at an exclusive coffee tasting and here’s what we thought.

There comes a time in every young person’s life when we discover the blissful addiction that is coffee—students need it for exam season, working professionals need it for everyday productivity. Because it’s so easy and effective, it doesn’t take long before coffee becomes a requisite part of our routines, accompanying us even as the years pass.

When it comes to variety, Indian markets don’t have much to offer in terms of brews. For every caffeine devotee who weeps every time they have to use instant coffee, Sleepy Owl is a heaven-sent. Brewed slowly for 22 hours, their coffee is 100% Arabica, sourced from an estate in Chikamaglur, Karnataka. It’s single origin and bought straight from the farms so you know you’re getting the very best.

Sleepy Owl Cold Brews

Feeling a little left out with all this technical jargon? Don’t worry, Sleepy Owl doesn’t just want you to drink good coffee, it wants you to feel, live and experience good coffee. They’ve created a whole section on their website with recipe videos and infographics to initiate beginners into the fascinating world of cold brew coffee.

We tasted the cold brew in three variants—smooth black, iced with milk and Vietnamese iced. While we all had our personal favourites, we agreed on one thing—each drink was refreshingly flavourful and nothing like the grubby instant coffee we had to put up with otherwise. What really fascinated us was the way the brew reached us. Every Sleepy Owl brew is packaged in an edgy cardboard box which serves as a dispenser (and not a carton), ensuring that no air enters and your coffee stays fresh for upto three weeks—all you gotta do is put it in the refrigerator!

Sleepy Owl Cold Brews


Sleepy Owl Cold Brews

Arman and Ashwajeet, the founders of Sleepy Owl are both die-hard coffee lovers themselves.

The coffee worshippers amongst our team had a dreamy look in their eyes after having a sip of the concoctions. What we found surprising was that our caffeine-indifferent (re: not a coffee addict) editor reached for a second helping! If that doesn’t show Sleepy Owl’s delectableness, we don’t know what will.

Try as we may, we can’t capture the taste of Sleepy Owl’s cold brews in words or photographs. To experience the magic for yourself, all you have to do is order yourself a box of their brew. Each box serves 8-10 glasses and costs Rs. 550, which we think is worth every slurp. They also offer a three box subscription (Rs. 1500) which is a great option after you’ve tasted (and fallen in love with) their brews.

Don’t believe us sparrows? Go ahead and try some Sleepy Owl goodness and see for yourself how chirp-worthy they really are!

And because we love you, we’ve also found a way to make your first Sleepy Owl experience even smoother. Use the code THEYELLOWSPARROW and your delivery charges will be waived off!

Sleepy Owl Cold Brews

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