Yoky Tag: Fight Forgetfulness With Every Creative Person’s New Side-Kick

yoky tag

You know how they say people have bad handwriting because their fingers can’t keep up with the speed of their thoughts? We think the same applies to creatives, only for forgetfulness. With amazing new ideas and thoughts swimming around in their brains, how can you expect creative people to be aware of mundane things like cell phones, car keys or handbags?

After one of our sparrows lost her house keys for the third time, we started searching for ways to make her life easier (shouting “Stop forgetting!” wasn’t really working) and that was when we stumbled upon Yoky tags.  We received our tags in a compact little clear case with our chirpy logo emblazoned on them (mad props!) and after fiddling with them for a good 40 minutes, we finally followed the instructions.



yoky tag

The case contains the tag, a keyring, a dog tag and some double-sided tape. You can use either of the three to attach the tag to your keys, laptop, bags, etc. Next, you download the smartphone app and connect your tag to it. That’s as far as configuration goes. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

To find your tagged item (mystical house keys, in our case) just tap the button on the app and the tag will start ringing. The app will show you distance by changing colours as you near the item. It also works in reverse i.e. you can find your phone by shaking the tag thrice, which will cause your phone to ring. Two birds, one stone? We’re pleased.

The tag’s range is ~ 100 feet from the phone, or upto 2 walls between the phone and the tag which is good enough for most homes and workspaces. You’ll get alerts every time you leave your tag or phone behind (in a very non-annoying, super helpful way).

yoky tag

yoky tag

Yoky tags can also help you find stolen items with their innovative Crowd GPS option. Once you enable this feature, whenever another phone with the Yoky Tag app comes within range of your tag attached to the stolen item, it will send you a notification about the time and place of this interaction. This location will be for your eyes only and Crowd GPS will only get more powerful as the number of Yoky Tag users grow.

Each tag costs Rs. 999 and comes in multiple variations in terms of colours and you can even get your own photos and designs added for a fully personalised tag. It’s a pedometer too and one that is surprisingly accurate. One tag solves multiple lifestyle problems for all you creatives!

Apart from the tag, Bengaluru-based Yoky also offers Glo, which is a quirky home lighting solution and Red, which turns your smartphone into a universal remote. Give Yoky and its quirky story a once-over on their super creative website.

You can get your hands on these chirp-worthy tags here. Thank us later!

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