Here’s A Peek Inside Studio Differniture, Every Design Lover’s Eccentric Paradise

Have an intense desire to make your space stand out amongst everyone else’s? Or do you have a hunger for pleasing aesthetic spaces and décor designs? We have the perfect solution for you: New Delhi-based atelier Differniture is here to satiate all your art urges in one clean sweep.

Founded in 2014 by Parsons the New School for Design alumna Aakriti Kumar, Differniture is an abode of everything quirky and functional, from lights to furniture items. It follows the unconventional trajectory of an alternative and sustainable approach to design beautifully knitting together the innate integrity of art with contemporary design practices to produce products that are easy to use and fascinating to look at.

We are smitten with Differniture’s eclectic product range!

First off, we start with outdoor spaces conceptualized by them amalgamating earthly materials with aesthetic sense. You’ll adore the wall designed by them if you love your matkas and jhatkas. Get ready to give your guests a jhatka by including this playful wall in your space. Made using discarded earthen pots and wares, the mud wall adds a touch of a quaint, rural Indian setting to your otherwise fanciful interior.

outdoor detail

Next we move on to the dining area. Dining tables designed by this sustainable atelier will give the space a rugged feel. Produced using fallen trees and reclaimed items, the contrasting browns give the tables another dimension with varied textures from the wood used.

Differniture products

Drawing heavily from one’s natural surroundings, the Differniture Studio conceptualises its products to bring you one step closer to nature. The Raindrop Chandelier (below) is yet another innovation that lends a sense of intrigue to the entire space while being a functional product that can be incorporated in your living rooms or bedrooms.

Differniture Lighting Range

Fancy a cuppa with a Classic read beside you, surround by old oak and rustic interiors? This study is your Garden of Eden then. With handcrafted wooden chandeliers giving the room a yellow tone, the white repose bench and palette book chair made from salvaged items add a creative charm to the entire room. The center table is also an offbeat creation with the table legs made to look like a flowing steppe mountain.

The Differniture Studio

Differniture furniture

For your outdoor garden needs, The Flintstone Chair (below) is an unmatched piece of work that is based on Differniture’s philosophy of using reclaimed and salvaged materials and adopting a zero or minimal waste design policy. Finished with natural polish and wax, the chair is a specimen of fine workmanship that can lend a funky element to any space.

Differniture furniture range

Differniture works closely with local carpenters to make sculpturally unique items that suit its audience base, emphasising on a customisation module as an important aspect of their business. The entrance to their workshop is equally enchanting as their creations, with the yellow bicycle breaking the monotony of the oaky browns and wooden textures.


Differniture's workshop

Tempted enough? If not, then the entry to their studio is a sure way to change your mind. Old-school checkered floors flanked by lush greens; what more could we ask for?

Studio entrance

Flying high on innovation? Bring some of this awesome stuff back to your own spaces!

Images courtesy of Differniture

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