5 Cafes You Must Visit To Get Your Creativity Flowing

Want to sip in some creativity? Check out these cafes around town!

1. The Mad Teapot Café

Located within the abundant creativity of ‘The Wishing Chair’ shop, in Shahpur Jat, Mad Teapot Café is a small café with seating arrangement beside the shelves of arty display. Inspired by the adventure series of Enid Blyton, the name of the shop, café, and also its menu is based on the names of her stories. It’s a great place for a quiet time, reading, writing, and of course relaxing while shopping. The café has free Wi-Fi, an all veg menu, and their special roasted coffee. It’s an atmosphere of positivity and creativity in every nook and corner of the café.

The Mad Tea Pot

The Mad Tea Pot

2. Diggin Café

Diggin’ is a lively café with an British Summer Park theme. Inspired by the Covent Garden in London, the owner who was educated there reflects the summer park culture here in South Delhi, Siri Fort Marg, opposite Gargi College, DU. His idea of a peaceful place to relax and eat is by bringing the outside into the inside. Thus the café has a lot of plants, artistic birds and windows which try and bring in the park feeling within the dining space. You enter a summer London space when you enter ‘Diggin’. The vintage clocks bring back the British vibe, accompanied by a remarkable host of Italian and Continental cuisine. Already running a DU special menu for students and coming up with a special health menu for the beautiful girls that hover around this spot, ‘Diggin’ is an excellent place to hang out!



3. Sakley’s Mountain Café

 Situated amidst the crowded G.K.1 M-Block market, ‘Sakley’s Mountain Café’ is a serene place to be at peace with oneself. Its roots in Nainital, Uttrakhand, ‘Sakley’s’ is a mountain café that is based on the themes of clandestine love engagements and other memories of the students of boarding schools in Nainital started by the Britishers. Log-legged ceilings and pine cones just make the mountains come alive amid the hot weather down here in Delhi. Their menu is also based upon the boarding schools of Nainital. Hearty mountain food, with a Continental/Italian base goes along very well with reading a separate book on each table. Furnished with a warm and cozy vibe, Sakley’s is the best to just make you feel at home.

Sakley's Mountain Cafe

Sakley’s Mountain Cafe

4. Elma’s Café

A groovy café to tranquilise a drained mind. English seating coupled with classic rock music, ‘Elma’s Café’ just gives the tired soul a rest. It’s more like a travel café with many travellers and foreigners sipping a sweet cup of coffee and writing some great work of art. The bar and lounge below the café have band nights often. The quaint English tea-room look with English fabric and Arabian tent house makes the café look majestic, yet homely and creativity reflects through the mirrors almost in all corners. ‘Elma’s’ is a splendid café down the streets of Hauz Khas Village that gives you a vent into your utopia.


Elma’s Cafe

5. Market Café

The first café of the famous Khan Market ,’Market Café‘ is another kind of a travel café. Like the name suggests, the café situated amidst the back lane of a trading market, it denotes socialising and a place to sedate yourself into striking a perfect bargain between chaos and calm. This café also showcases the talent of young and old photographers. This café offers balanced and authentic Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine for the Indian taste. They also have in-house bread and dessert and fresh fruit-based cocktails is what they are famous for. It’s a good place to be at peace amidst the hubbub of a global market.

Market Cafe

Market Cafe



Written By| Lakshita Joshi

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