Book Ur Dream Is Where You Can Surround Yourself With Creativity

Laden with handicrafts woven with creativity in every corner of the small room on the first floor of building no. 20, Book Ur Dream is owned by an NGO called Lakshyam, in partnership with its former owner. This place was earlier an American restaurant with inverted teapots on the ceiling as lights. Now these teapots pour creativity into the room and fill the room with just another mark of innovation. The handicrafts are in tune with the latest fashion trends



“Book Ur Dream” houses trendy clothes, accessories, fancy bags with Bollywood posters printed on them, customized lamps and clocks. Interestingly, all of these funky things are hand crafted by the children and women of various NGO’s all over India. In collaboration with Lakshyam, Goonj, Due North, Spid, Nayi Umang, and a few more, “Book Ur Dream” showcases the talent that they develop among the workers. The price range is also very reasonable as many college students go there to chill out. 


This place also showcases the creative talents of many renowned and amateur artists, photographers and writers. The colourful book shelves contain mostly Indian authored books as many foreigners visit this place to relax, witness and create masterpieces of imagination in art and literature. 


Book clubs, photography clubs, poetry recitals, literary meetings and discussions take place here with per head charge of Rs.150/-. Free wi-fi and ‘pay what you like’ tea, coffee and ice tea to relax the mind of creative artists in making of incredible art. Peace comes automatically to the blocked mind of a writer, when he/she sits back on one of the desks in the room, to think. Free play of fantasy and creativity on the four walls of the room is reflected with drawings like the ‘Statue of Liberty’ and ‘London Bridge’ drawn by travelling artists.

Showcasing the talent of young aspiring artists, “Book Ur Dream” also gives an ordinary person the feeling of a diva by allowing them to try on their clothes and accessories and click photos to post on social media. An amazing spot to find peace and tranquilise the crammed minds of competing students and other people. Life does become a virtual utopia for creative souls once you enter the portals of “Book Ur Dream”



collage bok

Written By| Lakshita Joshi

Photographs By| Shruti Maheshwari

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