5 Most Peaceful Cafes in Delhi

Serenity redefined in these marvellous cafes in Shahpur Jat and Hauz Khas Village!

1. Green the Gap: A peaceful spot in Shahpur Jat, which sensitises you with your environment. In association with an NGO, ‘Green the Gap’ is a great café that displays the bucketful of creativity (no pun intended) by recycling wasted tetra packs, pieces of discarded clothes, cast-off furniture, broken mirrors, window panes, and other rejectamenta, turning them into useful wallets, bags, coasters and a lot more. This quiet spot just serves tea, coffee and a few more beverages.

Opening hours: 11:00AM till 9:00 PM.

Cost for two: INR 150 approximately.


2. Café Red : The ‘Café Red’, an acronym for “Read-Eat-Drink”, is another tranquil corner café in Jungi House, Shahpur Jat, where you can sneak out from the hustle and bustle of daily lives to relax. It’s a small café that showcases and sells budding artwork – without taking any share in the profit. They also hold book reading sessions. Providing food at reasonable rates, the ‘Café Red’ gives you the peace of mind that one needs after a long day of work. With some great books and magazines to read, this cosy corner is a good place to relax and have a good meal.

Opening hours: 10:30AM till 8:30PM

Cost for two: 1100 INR approximately.


3. Maison Des Deserts:‘Maison Des Deserts’ literally means ‘House of Desserts’, having some of the finest French desserts in South Delhi, along with some delightful gourmet food. Just over a year old, this house of desserts is a corner café in Hauz Khas Village, just beside the fort. The ambience gives a Christmas-y feel in contrast to this scorching heat, with the fairy lights all over the cherry tree, beside the large windows and the ceilings. It’s a small homely café which rejuvenates your senses as soon as you enter the portals of this serenity.

Opening hours: 8:30PM till 9PM, 8;30AM till 11PM(Weekends)

Cost for two: 800 INR approximately.


4. The Potbelly Café and Restaurant: Situated on the 4th floor in Shahpur Jat, ‘The Potbelly Café’ is a traditionally creative, rooftop café with the ambience based on Bihari culture. The menu is inspired by Bihari cuisine and so are the simple seating arrangements; there is a secluded veranda too.

There is a slight cultural mix, where the Indian ambience is complimented with the Rock music playing in the background. It’s a great place to tranquilize your inner self and discover the mix inyou that nurtures your creativity!

Opening hours: 12:30PM till 11:00PM

Cost for two: 900 INR approximately.


5. Book Ur Dream: You might already be aware of this great and peaceful spot, so here is the link to this beautiful serenity, redefined.  http://theyellowsparrow.com/book-ur-dream-an-art-arcadia/


Author : Lakshita Joshi

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