5 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Father’s Day That Are Sure To Impress Your Dad

Read it in the Newspaper or heard it on the Radio? Got a Whatsapp group text or saw it on T.V.?

So our hectic schedules got in the middle of our daily lives and special days once again? But don’t worry if you have forgotten that it’s Father’s Day today! You can always do the following things if the surprise slips out of your mind!

1. Make your dad a card. Non-artistic people: just buy one, and write the most creative (honestly sweet) father’s day message in it.

Father's Day Cards

Image  Courtesy  – Cheeky Kumquat

2. Luckily, today there are hundreds of instant pre-prepared snacks and food items that can be cooked really quickly without much effort (for the lazy ones). You definitely know any one edible item like that, which your father likes, make it for him. (Take the easiest one to prepare for starters). Experienced cooks can take up the heavy duty to shower their love upon their fathers!

Remember, presentation matters a lot. Make sure whatever it is that you cook or create, should be presented in an attractive way to bring a smile on his face.

4. You can buy a customized mug for him from a shop. Else you can also make one on your own with the help of this tutorial.

Father's Day Mugs

Image Courtesy – Pearl And Dearl

5. All fathers love to be taken out and treated by their children at their favorite restaurants and cafes. You can take you dad out for lunch/dinner to YOUR favorite hangout spot! (They will have a change from their usual hangout spots)

6. Tell him you’re gonna become a grandfather! LOL. Take a picture of his reaction and then give him a tight hug while wishing him a Happy Father’s Day! A make-up treat should follow after this ‘jhatka’, which can include any on the above!

Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

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