6 Quirky Yet Useful Products For The Creative Traveller

Travelling is an art, but to travel with quirk and gumption is a skill that one acquires over the years. However, you don’t need to wait for numerous messy trips before realising what it needs to be a pro-traveller. We have it sorted for you.

Here are six essential products for the creative traveller that we know is hiding inside you. These are the perfect blend of practicality and quirkiness!


These are some ear plugs that scream solitude. They’re one of the best traveling companions one can ask for. If you are an avid reader in need of some peace, or want to take a quick nap on the flight; if you are tired of the ear pain during takeoff and landing or hate the wind noise gushing past your ears when riding motorcycles, fret no more. Just plug these sound insulating wonders on. Made from soft, washable, hypoallergenic silicone, Leave Me Alone Plugs reduce noise by 27 decibels – about 30% of the noise in a typical passenger airplane cabin.

They are extremely comfortable even when worn for a long period. What’s more? These earplugs come in a conveniently sized aluminium carrying case to keep them safe and hygienic when not in use. Do you like them already? Guess what, the best part is yet to come- their super quirky and unique design. As designer Tomasz puts it, “Because earplugs don’t have to be boring.” These plugs come in various shapes like clouds and socially useful words like ‘SHUT UP.’ Also available are double designs like ‘I CAN’T‘ and ‘HEAR YOU.’

Double designs

Image source: laplugs.com

Image source: laplugs.com

Click here to get your hands on these super fun earplugs.

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ATTENTION, Instagrammers and Snapchatters, Facebookers and Tweeters! All you social media enthusiasts are definitely going to tweet about this next travel product- The PlugBug World All-In-One Adapter by Twelve South. It is a hybrid device that can quickly recharge any iOS device while simultaneously charging a laptop. Yes, you heard it right.

You are no longer required to prioritise one over the other. For businesspeople, this adapter is a must for professional trips. So stress stemming from stock market shivers and delays in meetings will not be further heightened by ‘Low Battery’ disclaimers. Moreover, this adapter, with its five different attachments, is functional around the world.

Image source: amazon.in

Image source: amazon.in

Click here to charge ’em up from Amazon India.


Are you camping in the woods or hiking in the hills, feeling a nip in the air or couch surfing your way through? The Nap-sack by Poler is your ‘brother in arms’ when in ‘dire straits’. It comes extremely handy when your core temperature is pulled down by the weather or  activities like snowboarding, surfing, et cetera. The Nap-sack is a next-level sleeping bag that can also be worn as a coat.

Through the zippers at the top and bottom, you can stick your limbs out and hike it up to your waist, thus making a puffy jacket. It is ideal for a campfire night after which you can zip yourself up and sleep in the jacket-turned-bag without missing out on the warmth for a single moment. Along with several jacket pockets, the super comfortable and lightweight Nap-sack has a chest pocket for your phone and a pass-through hole for your headphones to run internally. Comfort and convenience: what more can one ask for?

Brotanical napsack

Brotanical Napsack

Image source: polerstuff.com
Jacket-into-Sleeping Bag

Jacket-into-Sleeping Bag

Image source: polerstuff.com

Click here to ‘bag’ this marvellous jacket-bag from Amazon India.


Shutterbugs will know the joy of capturing every moment of their trip. Framing the object, choosing the  lens, selecting the  aperture, setting the mode- the photographer in you is already getting excited, isn’t it? Phone cameras are far from professional and with DSLRs, a quick change of mode isn’t always possible. Thus, we present to you the GoPro Hero4 Session CHDHS-101 Waterproof Camera, 8MP.

It is one of the smallest professional-quality cameras you can find. What else? It is butter-smooth to operate. A single button powers on the camera and starts recording. All you need to do is just click and capture, even the underwater moments. Scuba-diving or safari-trailing- if you love to click and shoot, this camera is just for you.



Image source:amazon.in

Click here to click some memories!


In a foreign country, when you don’t speak the language and only gesticulation doesn’t make ends meet, what do you do? You simply point it on your t-shirt! Yes, that’s right. IconSpeak has come up with useful T-shirts, tote bags and caps printed with universal icons. Through this initiative, IconSpeak aims to develop a icon language that can be used and understood around the globe. They have three sections of merchandise-

1. World: printed with 40 universal icons essential to travellers for communication.

2. Stories: printed with three icons which weave a story, for example: palm trees, a fancy coconut drink and a bird depicting ‘Relax’.

3. Customised: printed with 40 icons for a specific place (for example, Rio for the Olympic Season).

Image source:boredpanda.com
Image source: boredpanda.com

Click here to icon your way through the world!



What is a traveller without their experiences? What are experiences without jotting them down in a notebook? Sometimes the best ideas cloud around you when you are travelling. Every dog-ear that you make, every coffee mug stain, every leaf that finds its way into the pages, every blemish and every word in the notebook holds a train of memories. Thus, while travelling, a notebook is a must.

We present to you the Travel Notebook from the quintessentially Indian stationery experts – Nappa Dori. It is handcrafted entirely in genuine harness leather, secured with an elastic band. Designed specially for rough adventures, this notebook comes with a replaceable notepad and a set of 5 accordion fold pockets.Self-assertive in a inconspicuous way, the notebook grows more beautiful with use.

Image source:nappadori.com

Click here to entrap your memories on paper.

Keep yourself connected, capture memories through your lens, codify experiences on paper, communicate with ease, remain unperturbed by the surrounding and be warm and comfy always. What else can a traveller ask for?

Feature image courtesy: boredpanda.com

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