Take Inspiration from These 5 Japanese Street Style Staples To Quirk Up Your Everyday Outfits

Japan is the most experimental and fashion forward place to be, where the young population doesn’t depend on the world’s trends to shape their very own unique street style. In Tokyo, trends come and go faster than a bullet train, which can make it difficult to really put a finger on what is in style. Luckily, with the myriad of brands and stores in Japan, you don’t need to follow a specific style or aesthetic. You can be a totally different person each day.

Tokyos’s youth can be given most of the credit for the totally bizarre trends that pop out of their industry and continue to amaze us with how far the boundaries of fashion can be pushed. This season, pastel tones are dominating while they have taken the word oversized quite seriously and the colour black is the keyword on the streets.

Here are some of the most popular Japanese street style staples at the moment that everyone can get inspired by!

1. Midi/Mini Skirts

Skirts have always been a part of mainstream fashion, but this time around, they’re a lot less dressy because it is finally “socially acceptable” for us to pair them with graphic t-shirts, plaid shirts, and your old dirty Converse or a pair of combat boots, whatever, really!



Find yourself skirts that speak for themselves here and here.

2. Fancy Pants

The bigger they are, the better. Large baggy pants/palazzos  ranging from patterned to monochrome while counting everything in between and in every material in existence, are all the rage in Tokyo’s streets today. They are usually paired with an even larger t-shirt and/or shirt or worn with a crop top. The look in total gives off chill and relaxed vibes that can define the youth of the city.


Maybe get them here or here. Get these too!

Over the years, styles have been adopted from the West and re-imagined with a whole new perspective. We have come to times where clothing is rather gender neutral and allows fluidity and style. This is a really big step in fashion as it allows market sizes to grow and people to express themselves more comfortably and feel comfortable in their skin.

3.Multi Layered Clothing

Sometimes, we wish that we could have worn that pink shirt with those black pants but then you remember that white tank top you have that would look pretty cool too?! Well this is when you wear them both! Added visible layers that contradict each other are totally in so you get to do everything you wanted all at once.


Tokyo’s fashion stores and boutiques reside in its heart. The most happening places in all of Tokyo are Harajuku and Shibuya, where the young dominate the crowd on the streets. If you ever go shopping, this might as well be your Mecca!

4. Platform Shoes

Platforms are no longer a genre of high heels but a whole new concept on their own. You can literally be on top of the world with the sheer height of platform shoes you find in the market these days. Tokyo’s teens have been all over the platform look which make any outfit one hundred times more edgy than it already may be.


Get super quirky platforms here.

Though it may seem as though some of the looks are haphazard and created with a blindfold on, the street stylists really think things through before putting each component of the look together so as to maintain their aesthetics and to feel comfortable.

5. Accessories On Drugs

Japanese accessories are an overwhelmingly vast spectrum with kawaii and classy at the two extremes. People usually play with accessories according to the rules but Tokyo’s kids today say otherwise. It’s all about the minute details, the weird things that work well together and the pieces that represent you the best.


A fantastic range of socks, especially knee highs are the attacking moves; while colourful backpacks and quirky bracelets come to the defense. Come well armed and you’re sure to take over the streets. Just remember, one cannot be afraid while playing this game.


No matter how ridiculous one may think some trends may be, one cannot deny the immense inspiration the young fashion destination provides to the world when it comes to experimenting and embracing the things you like but are too afraid to try.

The true gems that’re translating Tokyo’s avant-garde fashion on an international scale would be the many fashion blogs that really work hard on capturing the true essence of the city’s spirit and writing about them so that their style isn’t left misunderstood.

A noteworthy blog would be tokyofasthion.com, the Humans of New York of Tokyo’s street style scene. They’re a valuable resource for finding local boutiques and covering local styles as they are born and grow.

So don’t forget to dye your hair before you unleash the beast that wears mismatched shoes with a Gothic Lolita dress because the world is your oyster and you get to decide what kind of a pearl you want to be.

All images are courtesy of tokyofashion.com

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